Every comic available this weekend for Free Comic Book Day 2017

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I love the first week of May. It’s honestly like the nerdiest Christmas ever because a) Star Wars references on days 4,5 of the month and b) your dorky messiah was born on the second day of the month. Or possibly the anti-christ, judging by how holy water burns me whenever I’m on hallowed ground. The first weekend of May is also the day wherein people get their first taste of comics with Free Comic Book Day.

It’s easy to get into it: All you have to do is hit your local comic book shop, choose which printed medium has the pictures on the front which appeal to you the most and you can have it. For free, no questions asked. This year’s selection comes in two flavours: A gold edition of 12 comics and a silver selection of dozens more. I have no idea what that means, but free comics dudes. It’s awesome. here’s what you can expect to find at your retailer this week, to take advantage of Free Comic Book Day, which is offically tomorrow, May 6.

Gold comics

  • Archie Comics – Betty and Veronica #1 FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Bongo Comics – Bongo Comics Free For All FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Boom! Studios – Boom! Studios Summer Blast FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Dark Horse Comics – James Cameron’s Avatar FCBD 2017 Edition
  • DC Comics – DC Comics Gold Book FCBD 2017 Edition
  • IDW Publishing – Star Trek The Next Generation: Mirror Broken FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Image Comics – I Hate Image Comics FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Marvel Comics – FCBD Secret Empire Edition
  • Oni Press – Rick and Morty #1 FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Titan Comics – Doctor Who: Four Doctors Special FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Valiant Entertainment – XO-Manowar FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Viz Media – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time FCBD 2017 Edition
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Silver comics

  • Action Lab | Miraculous: Tales Of Lady Bug And Cat Noir FCBD 2017 Edition
  • American Mythology | Underdog FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Antarctic Press | Steam Wars: Strike Leader FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Automatic Publishing | Looking Glass Wars: Crossfire FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Benitez Productions | Lady Mechanika FCBD 2017 Edition
  • BOOM! Studios | Fresh Off The Boat FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Chapterhouse | Captain Canuck: Year One FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Dark Horse Comics | Buffy: The High School Years /Plants Vs. Zombies FCBD 2017 Edition
  • DC Comics | DC Comics Silver Book FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Drawn & Quarterly | Guy Deslisle & Findakly/Trondheim Previews FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Drawn & Quarterly | Colorful Monsters FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Dynamite Entertainment | Animal Jam FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Epicenter Comics | Tex: Patagonia FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Fantagraphics Publishing | World’s Greatest FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Humanoids | The Incal FCBD 2017 Edition
  • IDW Publishing| Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2017 Edition
  • Image Comics | Kid Savage, Chapter One FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Kodansha | Attack on Titan FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Lion Forge Comics | Catalyst Prime: The Event FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Marvel Comics | FCBD Classified  2017 Edition
  • New England Comics Press | The Tick  FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Nobrow | Hilda’s Back! FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Oni Press | Bad Machinery FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Papercutz| Barbie FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Papercutz| The Loud House FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Rebellion | 2000 AD 40th Anniversary Special FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Red 5 Comics |Keyzer Soze/The Rift FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Scholastic | Graphix Spotlight: Time Shifters FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Titan Comics | Monster High FCBD 2017 Edition Tokyopop | Disney Descendants  FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Udon Entertainment | Street Fighters Vs. Wrestlers Special #1 FCBD 2017 Edition
  • United | Spongebob Freestyle Funnies FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Viz Media | Dragon Ball Super/Boruto FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Youneek Studios | Malika: Warrior Queen Chapter One FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Z2 Comics | The Ballad Of Franklin Bonniesteel FCBD 2017 Edition
  • Zenoscope Entertainment | Grimm Fairy Tales FCBD 2017 Edition
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You’ll be able to grab these comic books from the likes of Reader’s Den in Cape Town or AWX Nexus in Johannesburg. And quite a few places between them as well. Happy hunting!

Last Updated: May 5, 2017

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