ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE in these new trailers from the The FP genius

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It’s no secret that I love terrible movies. And out of all the films that I saw this year, The FP not only takes the cake, but the whole damn bakery as well.

Still, that film was intentionally bad. But will the next film from it’s writer, director and star, All Superheroes must die, be an actual traversty? How the hell should I know? Trailers after the jump.

Starring Jason Trost, who once again wrote and directed the flick, the movie has been described as Kick-Ass meets Saw, and details the story of “four young superheroes forced by their arch-nemesis to complete a series of deadly challenges in order to save innocent lives.”

And it certainly looks indie, but also kinda fun. James “Dexter” Remar stars as the Jigsaw wannabe villain, with Lucas “X-men First Class” Till as one of the heroes that happen to be in way over their heads.

It’s out next year, January 29 on physical and digtal media platforms. And I kinda want to see it.


Last Updated: November 30, 2012

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  • This might be interesting. It’s cool to see someone do a different take on the genre…

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