Check out the trailer for Netflix’s cool looking sci-fi military ghost thriller SPECTRAL

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I’ve been a fan of James Badge Dale ever since HBO’s The Pacific as well as the criminally cancelled slow-burn espionage thriller series Rubicon (six years later and I’m still bitter, damn it!) so I tend to pay attention to just about everything the perennial scene stealer does. But somehow Spectral flew in under my fanboy radar, and I have no idea how.

The directing debut of Nic Mathieu, this upcoming feature was originally supposed to be released theatrically by Universal Pictures, only for them to abandon the project. This allowed Netflix to swoop in and save the day as they’ve been doing with increased frequency later. And Spectral is a good acquisition for the media streaming service, as it helps to increase their repertoire when it comes to genre films. And it doesn’t get more “genre” than this: A dystopian sci-fi military ghost thriller. Yes, all those words do actually belong next to each other in that order.

And if the appeal of Dale, alongside that particular niche genre was not enough to get you intrigued, the Netflix production also stars fan-favourite veterans Emily Mortimer, Max Martini and Bruce Greenwood. To add to all that talent, the film’s script also boasts the writing skills of George Nolfi (Salt, The Adjustment Bureau), John Gatins (Real Steel, Kong: Skull Island), and Jamie Moss (Street King). And it actually looks pretty cool, with some top notch visual effects and surprisingly interesting narrative hook.

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But don’t take my word for it. Check out the first trailer below, which was released over the weekend.

Spectral will drop on Netflix this coming Friday, December 9, 2016.

Last Updated: December 5, 2016

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    • Andre Fourie

      I CONCUR!!!!!

  • Andre Fourie

    This is going to be AWESOME.

  • Andre Fourie
    • Lu

      They’re the wrong gender…… XD

      • Admiral Chief Argonian


        • Lu

          No, this is clearly a microaggression against women, apache helicopters and the disabled. Why use the pre 2000’s chauvinist actors when there was a perfectly good politically correct remake made recently.

      • Andre Fourie

        I really hope you are not referring to that abomination that released this year?????

        There can be only one…..

        • Lu

          Of course I’m only doing this for the sake of stirring. My mom beat me so hard with the wooden spoon that it’s spliced into my dna

          • Andre Fourie

            Its way too early. I need more coffee first.

          • Lu

            Great idea!

      • Andre Fourie

        See now. You made Uncle Admiral scream.

        • Lu

          Kek. Isn’t that what us kiddies are for? Maybe I should start a LagZ Kids Korner with the brony.

          • Andre Fourie


  • Craig “CrAiGiSh” Dodd

    Keen to check i out 🙂

  • Matthew Holliday

    Pacific was great, it was no Band of Brothers, but then, nothing can possibly be as good as Band of Brothers.
    Lecky was probably the best character and actor of the lot aswell, was nice seeing him do good in Iron man and world war z.
    (A side note, Brandon Keener(Garrus Vakarian) was the tool officer that was dating his neighbour chick, he even donned his Garrus voice for the role, guess we finally know who it was that had the flexibility over his reach)

    Looking forward to this

  • DragonSpirit009

    Hot damn… This goes on my list of stuff to watch!

  • Fox1 – Retro

    The kids from Stranger Things are all grown up and found themselves in Gears of War.

  • Yondaime

    Oh SHEET! I’m saving this for the day i go on leave.

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