Google a games publisher?

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Google It seems that these days everyone has an opinion on what Google should be doing next. Fresh of their release of Google Chrome, the awesome web browser that is now my default, comes a new rumour that speculates whether or not Google is going to get into games publishing.

Nothing solid seemed to have sparked this rumour but the idea is that Google may start releasing casual games with non-intrusive advertising built in. What makes these games more appealing is that we can fully expect them to be free.

They will be your simple casual PC games that you can pick up and play for 10 minutes during your lunch break and while you’re playing you will get to see some dynamic AdSense adverts that relate to your search history or emails in Gmail.

Google currently refuses to comment on the rumour but I can see it happening in some way or another…

Source: Techradar

Last Updated: September 11, 2008

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