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In Other News – 6 August 2014

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Aw yeah, Wednesday is totally my day to relieve Darryn of ION duty. While I’m glad Geoff is embracing the food porn, I still miss those sexy pictures. Don’t worry, I won’t let you guys down. Check out these curves!

Oh so sexy, it’s all about how it hits your eyes and immerses you.

In Other News: Stop calling Yoshi by the wrong name, game pre-orders are declining, and war re-enactment still makes no sense to me.


Yoshi’s real name
Sacred 3 launches

Game preorders declining worldwide
World of Warcraft subscribers halved since 2010
Drive a Merc in Mario Kart
Diablo sells loads


Here’s the best Destiny player
Civil War re-enactment reaches GTA
Get Wing Commander III for free if you’re not in South Africa


League of Legends runs down their new patch:

Watch Dogs is hard to explain

Sing along for a journey to the moon


Vince Vaughn to play in True Detective season 2
Jarhead 2 trailer is dumb
Midweek Mouth-Off: Who’s your dream team for the female Ghostbusters reboot?
Creepy new screens for TMNT

Model: Samsung’s Curved UHD TV (who are welcome to send me the TV so I can ogle in my own home)

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