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Marky Mark is double-crossed by a gladiator in the new trailer for BROKEN CITY

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Ladies and gentleman, I have a bit of good news for all of you today.  Hot off the press following the release of its very uninspired poster yesterday comes a trailer for a film that shows a lot of promise. Mark Wahlberg sure loves playing cops, and he definitely doesn’t disappoint as the unlucky cop that ends up at the wrong end of Russell Crowe’s schemes.

Russell Crowe plays the city mayor that enlists the help of Mark Wahlberg’s Billy Taggart to provide proof of his wife’s infidelity.  When Billy unfortunately  finds himself double-crossed by the mayor when the lady in question is murdered, he goes looking for vengeance and justice and ends up being a gigantic thorn in the mayor’s side as only a broody and violent Mark Wahlberg can be.

That does sound very interesting and I’m quite curious to see more of the dynamic between the two actors. Both are capable of turning in a grand performance and they should get plenty of opportunity to play off each other’s menacing presence. I say, bring it on!

Have a look at the trailer to spot exactly when Russell Crowe says the name of the movie:

Ah, there’s nothing like a good dose of grit on a Friday morning! The film also stars Catherine “Entrapment” Zeta-Jones and I can safely say that most of us here at the movies would never object to seeing her duck under a few more security lasers, though I doubt we’ll see any of that in this film!

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