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Naomi Watts and Robin Wright don't want to stop their cougar ways in this trailer for PERFECT MOTHERS

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OK gentlemen, hands up everybody that’s ever had a crush on a friend’s hot mom. Oh, come on, I’ve seen enough movies and 90’s music videos to know that there should be more of you. Fact of the matter is that plenty of young guys love the older woman. Hell, all of Demi Moore’s relevance since the early 2000’s is predicated on that fact.

So the concept of a younger guy hooking up with an older woman is certainly not such a strange concept. But when it’s your best friend and your mom, and you develop a thing for his mom in return…? Well, then what you have there is a potential comedy script! But judging from this trailer for Two Mothers (aka Perfect Mothers in Europe) Naomi Watts and Robin Wright are taking this thing far more seriously.

Directed by Anne Fontaine, Two Mothers stars Naomi Watts and Robin Wright as two best friends who realize that they’ve fallen in love with one another’s children. Christopher Hampton adapted the screenplay from a novel by Doris Lessing.

Two Mothers played Sundance last festival not generating much of anything when it comes to buzz, both positive and negative, but it certainly is an intriguing setup. Couple that with a pair of very talented leads, Anne Fontaine (Coco Before Chanel) in the director’s seat and Christopher Hampton (Atonement, A Dangerous Method) on scribe duties and this could get into some interesting territory. The type of territory normally occupied by inbred hillbillies, that is.

Two Mothers doesn’t yet have a release date, but you can expect it some time around the middle of the year.

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