National Lampoon's Vacation reboot gets it's directors

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If you’re a child of the 80’s, then chances are that you’ve seen at least one of the four Vacation films. And if you’re a boy of the 80’s, then chances are you watched the first film just to see Beverley D’Angelo in the shower. 

(…Right. And now that you’re back from your internet image search, we may continue…)

The series of films saw goofy patriarch, Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase), drag his family all around the world in a series of vacations filled with more calamity than sightseeing. The films went on to become cult hits and now New Line Cinema is looking to revive the franchise by handing over the reins to a pair of “horrible bosses”.

According to Deadline, New Line is currently in negotiations with John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, the reboot script writers, to make their directorial debut. Daley and Goldstein also wrote New Line’s 2011 smash hit, Horrible Bosses, and are currently working on it’s sequel. Bosses made $200 million worldwide and also probably resulted in massive spike of the words “Jennifer”, “Aniston” and “Lab coat” showing up in Google searches everywhere.

The current script for Vacation was actually drafted in 2009 already, and acts as a requel. (That’s a reboot that’s also a sequel, for all you jive-monkeys not hip to the Hollywood lingo.) This new film will see Clark Griswold’s now grown-up son, Rusty, taking his family on a vacation to Wally World (the holiday destination of the first film) before it closes down for good. But obviously, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the bumbling tree.

Chase is expected to be reprising his role as Clark, who is now a grandfather.

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I would like to end this article on a line about how it’s been far too long since we’ve seen funny man Chevy Chase and that based on how hilarious Horrible Bosses was, that I am really looking forward to this, but chances are you’re no longer reading this. No, you’re busy googling “Jennifer Aniston lab coat”, aren’t you?


Last Updated: February 28, 2012

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  • Not interested. Most movies work because of the talent that made and acted in them, not to mention the era. It would be an equally bad idea to remake Caddyshack – without the context of the Eighties, Chase, Murray and Dangerfield it would not be the same film at all.

    • Seconded. Unless they get someone like Ryan Reynolds or the like, it aint gonna work. And even with Reynolds, there’s still some doubt. Chevy Chase was one of the best things to come out of the eighties and I don’t see anyone who’s an equal today

      • My excitement levels are based purely on how much I enjoyed Horrible Bosses, but yes, you’re right, the cast and tone of this film could break it badly.

        • Thing is, Horrible Bosses is very much a movie of our time. Half the fun were the bosses themselves and the actors who played them. Aniston, Spacey and Farrell made those roles work, partly because they were so out-of-character and we as an audience could appreciate that. Also, would Bateman and co.’s sense of humour be relevant at any other time than now, without the social Zeitgeist inspired by Arrested Development and Always Sunny?

          There is definitely place for a new comedy along this theme, but why a remake? Why not just make a new film with new jokes and new sensibilities, without the shackles of needing to throw in a  reference or serving up some god-awful and unnecessary fan service? Everyone who loved this film in the eighties were too stoned to remember the details anyway. Nobody under the age of twenty-five even recognised Chevy Chase in Hot Tub Time Machine.

          • Am I one of a select minority that loved the everloving hell out of Hot Tub Time Machine? It seems like anyone I speak to about it was either disinterested or thought it crap. 

            I on the other hand thought it one of the best movies of its year. More like it would be welcome

          • I liked it. It was a proper throwback to the late Eighties stuff. But Chevy’s role wasn’t all that hot.

  • One thing, looking at that pic again reminds me of how hot Beverly D’Angelo was back in the day. She was like Stifler’s Mom before there was a Stifler’s Mom

    • You googled the shower pics, didn’t ya?

      • No, dude. Of course not

         //tabs to another page to conduct search//

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