PS3 Phone..

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 The picture you see is of a cheap illegal Chinese made phone that looks like a butt ugly PSP, it runs a Microsoft OS and has an emulator that plays Nintendo games from the 80s.

Why anyone would even want something like this is baffling but hey, whatever floats your boat. 😀 Anyway, the linked article states that this is probably not gonna make it past the Chinese shores being illegal and all. I thought this was good for a Friday morning laugh.

Source: Ripten

Last Updated: November 23, 2007

  • doobiwan

    Lol, interesting trackback, huh?

  • LazySAGamer

    ug, if I don’t monitor the comments 24/7 these idiotic spam things comes through.

    Useless point of the day, I receive over 100 of these things daily…

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