Rock Band 2 Doesn't Frown Upon Broken Street Dates

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Lately, reading about broken street dates is normal. It doesn’t even constitute as news anymore because it is always bound to happen somewhere. Most developers hate it when the game is released early but not Harmonix.

Harmonix smiles when you manage to get a a copy of their newest instalment before release date. They even congratulate you. If you turn your attention to the image and look under the menu options, you will see what I’m talking about.

"Welcome to Rock Band 2! Nice work on scoring the game before it comes out!"

It’s nice to see a developer taking a light hearted view on broken release dates but I hope it doesn’t become a trend, there’s nothing worse than pre-ordering a game and then everybody getting it before you.

source: Kotaku

Last Updated: September 10, 2008

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  • Thomeval

    Um, can we in SA get Rock Band 1 now? Please?

  • RB or GHWT, I can’t decide!

    doobiwans last blog post..Have MGS lost their marbles?

  • Messiah

    I have ordered GHWT, I have given up on RB, and I can’t wait. 54 days to go 🙂

  • Richard

    💡 hi guys! do you no if rock band 2 will work in south africa? and on my ps2?? im pulling my hair out try to find out! and where would you recomend ordering

  • Psylene

    I’m also looking for Rock Band 2 in South Africa, any retailers got it?
    (Or should i just wait for Guitar Hero: World Tour ?)

  • Tammy

    we have xbox 360, nintendo wii, and ps 2 but i dont know which one would rockband 2 work on better and when it would be coming to saand i never heard of it till today when i almost got ghwt so im glad i came upon it but when would South Africa be getting it and as ive asked for which console would it be best?? please

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