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Sibling rivalry just got even weirder with Triplets

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The late 80’s and early 90’s were magical times for cinema. It was a time for fresh ideas and quirky comedies that most of us slightly aged folk remember quite fondly … a time where Arnold Schwarzenegger, unlike Vin Diesel, proved he had the chops for comedy as well as major ass-kicking. Well, it could have been that he wasn’t very funny, but the situations he found himself in were just so weird you couldn’t help but laugh…think Kindergarden Cop, Junior and of course Twins, where Arnold and Danny DeVito starred as unlikely twins getting up to mischief.

It seems like a very uninspired Hollywood has tried to recapture the original lightning in a bottle by adding in a previously unknown sibling in the form of Eddie Murphy, who hasn’t had a paycheck in about a decade. Too be fair, it is about time he finds some work, he’s paying for at least 20 girls to go to college.

Triplits will see the ex-Governator and Danny DeVito reprise their roles, thankfully, and with the addition of Eddie Murphy I have to admit, there might be a bit of humor thank can still be tapped from our childhood nostalgia but I won’t be holding my breath for now.

Of the three, Danny DeVito has been sharpening his comedic craft for years now and is still hilarious and possibly even weirder than usual. If you don’t believe me, watch an episode of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia and we’ll talk again. Arnold has yet to turn down a script since he left politics, but he is increasingly popular again so that just leaves Mr. Murphy as the wildcard. He is definitely trying to kick start his career again and who knows, this could be it?

Lourens Corleone

There was a time, a time before Wikipedia, when the local movie geek reigned supreme, when people believed everything they heard in film. This was an age when only men were allowed to watch feature films. And in Cape Town, one film geek was more man than the rest. His name was Lourens Corleone.

  • Ten years ago, yes I’d be keen. Nowadays, this is as appealing as Mr Bones 3.

    It appeals to the same audience, ironically.

    • Yeah, I’d agree. And adding Murphy as an ironic touch is more sad than interesting.

      • Especially sad considering how much Murphy’s star has waned over the years. Right now, people will pay him money NOT to make movies any more.

        • We’re entering the era of 90s has-beens. I’d blame the Expendables movies, but I enjoyed them too damn much. Who know – maybe this will work. I’ll wait for the reviews…

  • Lardus

    I can already see Arnie’s character accepting the new brother (lol), but Dannies role being all racist and stuff. Only way they can go really. I will skip this thank you very much.

    Lol, brother from another mother is a BROTHER! 🙂

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