THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Blu-ray extras show the Bane that almost was, plus behind the scenes on one epic confrontation

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Say what you like about The Dark Knight Rises, from it’s weak pacing to predictable conclusion, but at least they got one thing right, and that’s Bane. An idea that is seen as gimmicky in the comic book source material, director Christopher Nolan managed to hit a homerun with his interpretation of the back-breaking foe.

And according to some concept art that will be accompanying the Blu Ray release of the film, he very nearly missed when adapting the big bad for this film.

While Hardy will be the star of a featurette that chronicles his transformation into the Spinal Tap fan, on the design front, we almost ended up with something that was quite…goofy. (Via Screencrush)


Fetish is one thing, but that other image looks like Bane’s special cousin. The one that we’re not supposed to talk about. As for that other behind the scenes stuff, here’s an overload of set pics from that titanic first tussle between the Dark Knight and Bane, from;

Personally, I loved this scene. Fast, brutal and with a distinctive lack of any orchestral treatment, it set the tone of the film perfectly. The Dark knight Rises is out on DVD and Blu-ray November 28.


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