The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 26 September 2014

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So, how do you write a generic introduction to an article you ask? Step 1, pretend like you know what you are talking about. Step 2, fluff it up with some random words to add length. Step 3, check to see if the paragraph seems to be long enough. Step 4, conclude violently.

Best Story

I don’t care what you all say, Heroes of the Storm reaching end of its Technical Alpha is good news. Why you ask? It means that the game is that much closer to going public, which means you can get your hands on it. I’m tired of being the only MOBA nut around here!

Don’t forget we are also giving away a sexy Xbox One which was launched this week. Do you have the console? Is it the one?

Lastly, Darryn has developed some amazing cosplay skills over the past few decades. He put together a rather neat guide which tells you all about getting into the shoes of Star Lord. I expect dozens to rock up at rAge thanks to this!

Worst Story

When I hear the word tanking, I immediately think of a strong character who soaks up all sorts of damage. When I saw that Bayonetta 2 is tanking in Japan, I had happy thoughts, thinking it was surviving the onslaught of all the love it would be getting. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Sadly, the game isn’t quite performing that well.

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There’s also that dark month of November. There are just too many things to buy, resulting in millions of tears from wallets around the world. It’s tough having so much to choose from!

Random Story

Who doesn’t love a good gaming crossover? This Silent Hill ghost popping up in Metal Gear Solid V is a little odd though. Also, while not completely random, here’s 10 things we learnt about Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Best ION Header


So what did you braai on Wednesday? Seeing this image brought back memories of yummy, meaty goodness. The taste, the smell… damn you Geoff, I might just braai every day this weekend!

Most Comments

The Xbox One launched this week, and we reviewed it. Sheesh, must have been a really awesome review to gather a whopping 111 comments! Think all those ones are a coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Least Comments

Well, looks like we have a tie once more. Geoff, Zoe, Geoff are all down at the bottom with 2 comments each. At least I’m not there for a change.

Batman Of The Week


I will give you 5 seconds to guess who Batman is this week. If your answer was, “anyone but the Porra noobs,” you would be incorrect. By the power of cabbage, Sandy is your Batman this week! I plan on sharing his glory thanks to our cultural connection. Thanks Sandy, YOU DA MVP!

Cabbage Of The Week


the Porra Lazygamer sandwich is now complete. Sandy is the top bun, and I am the bottom, where I belong, and will be for the next FOREVER.

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Header Image Of The Week


I always knew Geoff loved me deep down, he made this header just for me (although it went with one of his articles). So simple, yet so elegant. TITANDUTY ENGAGE!


It was also International Hobbit Day on Monday. Geoff and Darryn said nothing to nobody, and shopped all manners of Bilbo and Frodo into their work. I was so shocked that I went the whole day without noticing a single one! Tricksy photoshop… tricksy indeed.

Comment Of The Week

Oh Spaffy, you really brought the giggles to our review of Disney Infinity 2.0

I’ve always wanted to put a little Scarlett Johansson in my pocket…

You sick, sick child, that’s not what the toys are for!

Bonus Premium Content

Mmmmm lunch time… who is hungry? Here, this should do the trick! It’s not what you think, so watch and enjoy.

Last Updated: September 26, 2014

Matthew Figueira

Defence of the Ancients? More like Defence of the cabbages! Have you seen my head? I look like a Merino Sheep on pole. NO SHANGE only SHAPPIES! :D

  • What? I didn’t win Batman?

    • Admiral Chief 0


    • Hammersteyn
    • Hammersteyn

      The red dog house killed me

    • Viking Of Science

      CONSPIRACY! Sandy Bought the award!

      • With all the money she made from Trevor paying for his comment of the week award?

        • Viking Of Science

          exactly. CONSPIRACY I TELLS YA!

          • Alien Emperor Trevor


          • Viking Of Science

            Yeah, screw #Gamergate and #Thefappening. it’s all about #BATMANGATE!

        • Alien Emperor Trevor

          I couldn’t pay, I had a headache. I mean… er… haha what? :/

          • AWKWARD!

          • Loop St hipster to car guard ” I don’t have cash, do you have SnapScan?”

          • HvR

            Woodstock got so hipsterfied, that I saw 2 car guards with SnapScan tags around their neck.

          • No way man?!

          • HvR

            No jokes at that stupid open air market that is the root cause of all traffic jams in Cape Town.

          • Oh that stupid biscuit mill place? happy to say never been!

          • HvR

            That is it, unfortunately need to drive past it to go to Communica.

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            What is snapscan? :/

          • HvR

            You wear loafers and stupid hat, then you snap your finger and retro kitchenware magically appears in your hands.

          • You are SO last year…

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            But that’s what you said last year :/

        • Spaffy

          Clearly my donation was bigger.
          Er, I mean, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

    • SHAME…

    • Sir Rants A Lot Llew


  • Hammersteyn

    International Hobbit Day, yeah I think we all missed that. Good job guys.

  • Hammersteyn

    Nice one Spaffy!

    • Spaffy

      Thanx. Took me whole week to come up with it

  • Hammersteyn
  • Geoff, Zoe, Geoff how many Geoffs do you have?!

    • hairyknees

      2 ;P

      • One higher than you can count? *RUNS

        • hairyknees

          Bah! There are two separate articles 😛

    • HvR

      Probably the lunch delivery guy, the Asians they all look the same.

  • HvR

    That header…

    clean up isle 3, dead kitty isle 3.

    • Spaffy

      You have a dark mind…

  • ReaperOfSquirrels

    That kitty looks SERIOUSLY trashed… like it’s been hanging with Kikmi too much or something.

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