The Lazygamer Podcast – Episode 005

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Air-guitar world records, drinking podcasts and an evil DRM force possibly making a return. Catch this week’s podcast for this and more.

  • The Xbox 360 can’t handle the MGS4 engine?
  • Bionic Commando bombs
  • Burnout developers making a new Need for Speed
  • Ghostbusters looking better on the Xbox 360?
  • Gears of War 2 coming to PC?
  • Brutal Legend World Record
  • Starforce making an unwelcome return?
  • Top 50 Developers
  • Elvis

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Last Updated: June 17, 2009

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Nick De Bruyne

Video games writer, editor and critic since ’08. Living and breathing video games, movies and cars since the 80s. Follow me on Twitter if you love tons of gaming talk, and @pennyworthrevs for fun stuff and links.

  • I still watch the Fast and Furious … :whistle:

  • I still havent seen the latest one, but you get the idea of what we discussed right? It’s time to MOVE ON!

  • Loki

    Thanx for another exiting podcast! Keep it up!!! Invite me next time so that I can come do my bikini dance… :biggrin:

  • New game! Original parts!

  • Anyway you can do a real low KBPS conversion for us bandwidth lacking guys?

  • That’s a horrifying thought

  • ChuckD

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for the great podcast. I am glad that we finally have a decent local gaming podcast. I really enjoyed the show, and look forward to better sound quality. I have been listening to podcasts for a good couple of years now, and I realise that sound quality is something that comes with time, I eagerly await that time.
    How often can we expect a podcast, will it be weekly, or fortnighly. Also will you be adding a seperate podcast feed?
    Great show, keep it up.

  • Hi Chuck,

    The podcast is a weekly feature and we are working on the sound quality all the time.

    You can view all the podcasts through this link

    or if you just want the podcast RSS feed you can use this one

  • Thanks for the kind words ChuckD, and yes you are right… Quality comes with time and at the moment we are making do with what we have until we can get some better hardware (sponsors can apply here 😎 ), rather than having no podcast at all.

    The quality is also affected as we are trying to keep the file size as low as possible for people watching their bandwidth costs.

    The podcast goes up every wednesday, and we are on iTunes if you want to subscribe, but we are also going to be doing more in future to make the podcast more accessible to listeners in a number of different ways.

    Thanks again for posting a comment

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