Toshiba Moves 90,000 HD DVD Players During Weekend Sales Rush

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So most of you guys knew about the sub $200 HD-DVD players that were being sold, it seems like the price was further dropped to sub $100 and the players flew off the shelves.

This is certainly good news for the HD-DVD camp, as they certainly do need this boost. This also means the “war” is far from over. Looks like it will be decided by the end of next year.

Now I don’t own a PS3/Blu-ray player or even an HD-DVD player for that matter but, I, do believe that Blu-ray will come out on top next year, unless this price coup continues. The problem is how long can Toshiba afford to take so much pounding losses?

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Last Updated: November 7, 2007

  • JP

    how long can Toshiba afford to take so much pounding losses?

    how long can Sony afford to take so much pounding losses on the PS3?

  • LazySAGamer

    I think this was a really good move by Toshiba which has forced HD-DVD into the minds of American consumers…

    I don’t think they are flinching from the costs yet and I would wager we are going to see some more great specials before Christmas.

    It is dissapointing that they only seem to be targetting America though… but I guess since all the main studios are there it is a good idea.

  • doobiwan

    Microsoft do there homework:

    1. HD-DVD attach rate is 4x that of Blu Ray (literally 4 versus 1).
    2. The story of UMD is: when game consoles get games people stop buying movies just to justify buying the console.
    3. The attach rate of standalone DVD players is something like 20:1

  • @ Doobiwan, just to let you know I am an avid supporter of HD-DVD, I honestly don’t want to pay R4 000 to burn media onto a R8/GB disc.

    So let me just argue my findings according to your facts:

    1. Yes they have the attachment rate, but they don’t have numbers, all that means is HD-DVD buyers support the software more so than their Blu-ray counterparts.

    2. I’m trying to read it without curling my brain around. As soon as you say UMD, blame Sony.

    3. It is still very much the dominant medium, hence the reason it is so high.

    Now if only they would bring that deal here.

  • doobiwan

    Sorry I was just clipping randomly there, trying to convey the original story.

    In english 😉 what he’s saying is that PS3 owners (like PSP and UMD) are only buying BR discs because they don’t have any games to play on the PS3. When they play more games, the PS3 will dry up as source of BR buyers. Driving PS3’s as the BR champion is not really doing anything for the movie market.

    By comparison, dedicated movie watchers who buy standalone players buy way more movies as is demonstrated by the DVD & HD-DVD attach rates.

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