Wait, what? Tarantino to possibly direct a Star Trek movie

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Sci-fi is often considered the bastion of creativity and imagination when it comes to directing, which is why so many of the world’s great directors like Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan have all made films in the genre to explore worlds and creations which aren’t bound by conventional rules. That being said, not all directors are necessarily suited to creating science fiction.

One director whose particular style of spaghetti western and noir filmmaking is not exactly the first thing you think of when it comes to the science fiction genre is Quentin Tarantino. Indeed the thought of what a Tarantino sci-fi movie would actually look like definitely makes for interesting discussion. We may not need to imagine this for too much longer though because a new Deadline report reveals we may get to see a Tarantino sci-fi movie one day in the near future.

The report reveals that the director has pitched an idea for a Star Trek movie to J.J. Abrams who is interested in pursuing it further. This is no confirmation that the idea is a go though, as Abrams wants to first flesh it out a bit further with a team of writers before giving it the go-ahead. The report suggests though that should Abrams and his team decide to turn Tarantino’s idea into an official Star Trek movie, that the legendary director may actually get the first opportunity to direct it.

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Now the prospects of what exactly this idea could be are certainly interesting as Tarantino is not exactly known for the kind of wholesome and high action thrills that we are used to in a franchise like Star Trek. I do definitely think though that a more visceral take on the characters and universe with some of his trademark whippy dialogue, background music and more dramatic camera shots could definitely be something worth watching.

It’s an intriguing prospect but one which I honestly don’t think will actually get made. And this has nothing to do with the validity of the rumours. As interesting as an idea as it may be, Tarantino wouldn’t actually write the script for the movie as it will more than likely fall into the domain of Abrams’ group of writers who will probably turn it into something more in line with the franchise and probably less in line with Tarantino’s style. If we ever were to see a proper Tarantino style sci-fi movie, he would need to have full control over the project, which is also something I find highly doubtful given Abrams’ producing style as well.

Still, for now, we can at least try and imagine the possibilities of a Tarantino sci-fi movie and exactly what it would look like. Especially, if, as Tarantino claims, all his movies are part of the same cinematic universe. Kill Bill in Space anyone?

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Last Updated: December 5, 2017

Craig Risi

A man of many talents, but no sense how to use them. I could be discovering the cure for aids or finding ways to achieve world peace, but I’d rather be watching movies and writing here instead.

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Kirk, Spock, and Bones sitting around for two hours talking crap about the prime directives, which replicator drinks taste closest to the originals, and sharing crazy holo deck stories. No thanks.

    • MonsterCheddar

      Stop being an old booby. 😀

    • Hammersteyn

      But how will we ever find out what they call a Big Mac in deep space?

  • PoisonedBelial

    Kirk – “Set the motherfucking phasers to stun”
    Spock – “That motherfucker is illogical”
    Bones McCoy – “This motherfucker is dead”
    Uhura – “Some motherfuckers are trying to hail us”


  • Hammersteyn

    Can already see Tarantino using Google to find the Klingon translation for the word motherf*****r

    • Original Heretic

      From what I read earlier, he’s a huge fan of Star Trek.
      So he probably already knew it.

      • Hammersteyn

        O_o in that case, this movie must happen!

        • Original Heretic

          I’m rather keen on the idea as well.
          Set during the Klingon Wars, before the Neutral Zone was established.
          A group of federation officers are stuck behind enemy lines.
          But they’re fighting back, waging a guerrilla war on the enemy.
          The only thing I’m wondering is, what do you carve into a Klingon’s forehead? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e848921df14cb129e830f95897a7c5782b418f4898869e9f555fd47a349ee526.jpg

          • Jacques Van Zyl

            Please can we have this already… this exact story is something I’d love seeing. Guerrilla warfare seems perfect, especially when considering the state of the Federation’s economy during and shortly after the Klingon Wars. (Damnit, I have to stop hyping up this pipe dream already.)

          • Original Heretic

            Abrams is taking the idea seriously enough to assemble a group of writers to flesh it out.
            That alone lends some promise to this actually happening. Like you mention in your comment above, the new series has already established an element of darkness in the ST universe.
            If Tarantino is as big a fan as I have read, I have to believe that he would respect it enough to NOT go overboard.
            Plus, it would be an awesome challenge for him.

        • MonsterCheddar
          • Hammersteyn

            More than one colour of blood as well.

  • Jacques Van Zyl

    I want this to be real. As an avid Trekkie and fan of Tarantino’s style of films this would be something really interesting to watch. The new series has already done a stellar job of diving into the darker parts of the universe. I really want this to be a thing.

  • MonsterCheddar

    Well. Here it comes. Blood and guts and the use of “motherfucker” on Star Trek. HEH. o/

  • Yes please!

  • Johann

    Samuel L. Jackson as Warf

    Klingon motherfucker, do you speak it?

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