Warner Bros. wants Mel Gibson in the director’s chair for Suicide Squad 2

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Good ol’ Mel Gibson. To some people he’ll forever be associated with Mad Max and Lethal Weapon. To others, he’s not exactly popular for a certain anti-Semitic rant that would make Pewdiepie blush. But to me, he’s always been one hell of a director. Gibson’s projects might not be numerous, but they are a case of quality over quantity. Movies such as Braveheart and Apocalypto which established his signature style of pure viciousness on the big screen.

Which sounds like the perfect fit for a Suicide Squad movie.

That’s the word from THR, as they say that Warner Bros. has their eye on Gibson to take over from director David Ayers on the first sequel for Suicide Squad. The first movie starring the misfit villains of the DC Comics universe was legendary for all the wrong reasons: A bizarre working environment throughout the shoot, Jared Leto taking his method-acting as the Joker too far and studio meddling to an absurd degree, to a trailer featuring Bohemian Rhapsody just for starters.

Variety also noted that Warner Bros. is actively pursuing other big-name candidates in addition to Gibson, who is reportedly reading up on the source material right now. The list so far includes Daniel “Safe House” Espinosa, Ruben “Zombieland” Fleischer and Jonathan “Warm Bodies” Levine. I’d proper love to see Gibson’s take on the Suicide Squad however.


A visceral movie about bad people with enough violence to make a warlord feel inadequate in my ideal world. Presumably while Gibson chews Leto out and tells him to tone down the method acting. After Gibson’s last directorial effort Hacksaw Ridge earned some solid acclaim and a few Oscar nods, the inclusion alone of the infamous madman would give Suicide Squad 2 plenty of attention. Not bad then for a movie which was critically lambasted at the box office and still managed to walk away with a global haul of over $745 million in ticket sales.

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As for Ayers, he’ll be handling the upcoming Gotham City Sirens, as the DC Comics cinematic universe finds itself in a bit of turmoil with lately with Ben Affleck apparently not wanting to be the bomb in Batman anymore, yo. Also, I’m now one step closer to my dream of having Gibson direct a Batman movie come true if Matt Reeves declines the gig.

Last Updated: February 16, 2017

Darryn Bonthuys

Something wrong gentlemen? You come here prepared to read the words of a madman, and instead found a lunatic obsessed with comics, Batman and Raul Julia’s M Bison performance in the 1994 Street Fighter movie? Fine! Keep your bio! In fact, now might be a good time to pray to it!

  • MonsterCheddar

    I love Mel Gibson’s movies. I mean Hacksaw Ridge was awesome. He clearly knows what he is doing.

    Even if he is a dodgy drunk.

    • miaau

      My sister and my mother in law both, independent of each other, went to go see that and both raved about it. Neither thought the violence out of place in the movie, either, which is good – violence and nudity in to sell a product cheapens the whole thing – 80’s action movies, obligatory nude scene, for example.

      • Jac7

        Obligatory of awesomeness

  • Captain JJ

    I’m more surprised by the idea of making another Suicide Squad movie after that first excuse of a movie.

    • MonsterCheddar

      ^^^^^^^^ That too

    • miaau

      I sort of enjoyed it…..

      • Admiral Chief

        That is like saying you “sort of enjoyed an enema”

        • miaau

          Not at all, parts of the movie were fun and I walked away from seeing it not feeling disappointing, but not over the moon either.

          You know why? The commentators here all slammed the movie, so my expectations were very low to start off with.

          • Admiral Chief

            My expectations were VERY low, and even after watching it, I felt like I wasted my time

          • Dresden

            I tend to agree with you.
            The movie felt average, with some good parts here and there. It wasn’t a mind-blowing movie, but I’m fine with that.

            Also, after all those negative reviews, I also wasn’t expecting much.

      • Matthew Holliday

        Accidentally booked a VIP booking at numetro for it, and you know, in public, dont want to show anyone I couldnt book a movie correctly, rolled with it and didnt correct it.

        Was actually a pleasant experience, I mean, the movie was average AF, but only having 25 people in a cinema and couches so big my feet couldnt touch the floor, was pretty rad.

      • Captain JJ

        They did a good job at hiding a stupid plot and badly designed characters behind pumping music and Harley’s skimpy outfits.

    • Matthew Holliday

      The money it made, wins every argument.
      You know we’re all going to watch the 2nd one, in cinemas, just to see if its as bad as the first one.
      Then when we get a drunk, racist and whatever prejudices take his fancy that day, Mel Gibson movie, we’ll be wondering why its been confirmed for a 3rd movie.

      • Captain JJ

        I didn’t watch the first in cinema. Won’t watch the second in cinema either. And the money it made wasn’t from pure DC fans, it was because it appealed to a generic audience. But this is the route DC chose to go and sad to say it, you’re right.
        People will go watch this garbage again. Because they get to see more of Harley’s ass and boobs, with some classic songs thrown in to hide the fact that underneath it’s really really terrible.

        • Lu

          The entire movie honestly felt like you could compress it into a single 30 minute episode, and still not lose any of the plot.

          • Captain JJ

            Yea. The REAL Suicide Squad movie is Assault on Arkham imo.

          • Lu

            Well that’s going on my list for Saturday. Thanks.

          • miaau

            Totally, great movie.

            BUT slows down at times as well.

  • Admiral Chief

    The Bohemian Rhapsody trailer was the best thing about this movie, the rest was utter, utter MEH

    • Lu

      Well the bit where Diablo loses his shit and becomes a mexican fire god was amazing (the only bit that got me hyped in the entire film). But that lasted like 45 seconds though so kinda anticlimactic (I take it they ran out of budget – using cgi resources from Prototype for the big golden dude must have cost too much)

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