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Warner Bros wants to wet some Gremlins and breed a reboot

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Yes, like just about every other beloved property from our childhoods, Warner Bros is currently looking to toss that 1980’s classic Gremlins into Ye Olde Reboot Machine. 

“Oh wow, I never saw that coming!” said nobody ever. Well except maybe that blind porn star, but I digress.

The 1984 Steven Spielberg produced, Joe Dante directed classic film dealt with a young boy receiving a cute little monster called a mogwai as a Christmas present, but after not following the rules on its care (Never get them wet, avoid sunlight, and never feed them after midnight), accidentally unleashes a horde of the mischievous little critters on his town. The film would spawn a sequel in 1990, but since then there have been rumours and watercooler talk about a possible third film. Back in 2010, when asked about it, Dante got all Nostradamus-y and predicted that instead of a sequel, we’d probably get a reboot.

“I’m sure it’ll happen. It’s too valuable a title to not get the remake treatment. I think it will be a remake rather than a sequel. I think they’ll start over and do a remake or a sequel.”

Ah, Dante! You jinxed us!

Warner Bros is currently in the early stages of negotiations with Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment about the reboot, but at this point, it looks like Dante isn’t going to be involved at all.

Now I have to point out that nothing is concrete at this point, and past attempts at sequels and remakes have fallen apart due to Spielberg’s producing cost, but Vulture‘s sources indicate that this is the closest it’s ever been to becoming reality.

So, who knows, we might be seeing Gizmo and his mischievous brethren on our screens again soon. You know, not counting the fact that the original gets viewed by millions every year at Christmas time.

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  • Admiral Chief Troll Erwin

    Gizmo HD, I’d watch that

  • Andre116

    Speaking of critters…I’m guessing a Critters reboot is on they way as well then.

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