What's Cobie Smulders doing at STARBUCK?

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Cobie Smulders may have been busy saving the world from a Skrull invasion, a role that may not have had her doing too much in The Avengers, but it most certainly opened up a few new acting doors for her.

Smulders has filmed a few new movie roles during the American summer break from her day job in How I met your mother, but her next role might be her most challenging yet, as she has to carry Vince Vaughns child in Starbuck.A remake of the Canadian original, Starbuck sees Vaughn as a slacker who makes a little cash on the side by donating sperm, under the alias of “Starbuck”.

Trouble is, all that sperm had to be used for something, resulting in Vaughns character being the biological father of over 500 kids. And they want to know who their blood-daddy is, causing them to file a lawsuit to reveal his identity.

Smulders is in negotiations to play Vaughns’ pregnant girlfriend, who has to decide whether or not she wants him to be the father of their child, while he battles to decide whether or not he should reveal himself to his estranged spawn. Chriss Pratt will also be joining Smulders, as Vaughns’ lawyer, who will most likely pass on some bad advice.

As for Smulders, she can next be seen in Safe Haven and They Came Together.

Last Updated: August 28, 2012

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