Numantia review – A historical turn based hex grid game with a bug or two too many

154 BC, the expansion of the Roman Empire into Hispania continues. The city of Segada begins reinforcing its defensive walls, an act that Rome sees as a violation of a treaty established twenty years prior. Despite claims by Segada that no violation occurred, Rome prepares for war and deploys a massive Roman force to Segada. In response, the people of Segada, their walls not complete, sought refuge with the Arevaci. Shortly afterwards, they successfully ambush the main Roman force, inflicting thousands of casualties on both sides. The Arevaci are victorious, leaving the Romans humiliated and giving pause to their advance. They assemble at the town of Numantia, known for its strong natural defenses, and prepare for the inevitable Roman retaliation.

Knowledge is Power review – bite-sized trivia for the whole family

It’s a simple well-presented trivia game’s perfect for quick, bite-sized casual gaming for the whole family. Its questions aren’t nearly as varied or interesting as the ones you’d find in You don’t Know Jack, but they definitely have broader appeal. If trivia’s something you enjoy, and you miss games like Buzz, Knowledge is Power is lot of fun.

Need For Speed Payback Review – The wrong kind of burnout

It wasn’t meant to be like this. Slipstreaming off the success of 2015’s successful reboot of the Need For Speed franchise (after a few months of patching, much to the chagrin of fans who pined endlessly for the return of a pause button), Need For Speed: Payback should have been a winner. It should have been a V8 heart-stopper in …

Super Beat Sports review – Casual rhythmic sports that’s fun in small doses

It’s definitely fun in short bursts, and is perfectly suited to the Switch with its casual, light-hearted multiplayer. That said, it’s just not especially engaging or memorable. As far as rhythm games go, this one going to be a bit like Marmite. As a rhythm game. it’s not nearly as quirky or interesting as something like Rhythm Heaven - and as a sports game, it can’t top Wii Sports. As a combination of both, it’s unique, but the sum isn’t as good as its parts.