360 Install Won't Greatly Improve Speeds of Recent Games

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Back to one of Lazy’s favourite topics. Personally I don’t mind if installs are optional but mandatory installs completely defy the object of consoles.

Luckily as it stands Microsoft doesn’t seem to have any plans of allowing mandatory installs. The latest comments go some way to prove that.

According to the Xbox Germany product manager Boris Schneider-Johne, the more recent 360 titles won’t benefit from quicker load time from installs as they have already been “optimised”.

Some older games however will benefit greatly from the install.

“This is optional, you don’t have to do it. But if I do it, these games will load faster because a DVD-drive with seek operation does have load times every now and then. There are prominent examples, for instance: Project Gotham Racing 3, one of the first games for the Xbox 360. There the load times have been very long; those are going to get reduced immensely.”

The option to install your games will be included in the dashboard update coming in November and so far the only benefit I can see from installing 360 games onto the hard drive; is to stop the disc drive from waking the neighbours every time you want to play a game.

source: videogaming247

Last Updated: September 11, 2008

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    Cool 😎

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    I hope this still improves Mass Effect.

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    if it improves just me i will be very happy

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