5 Good things about Killzone 2 Multi-player

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Killzone 2 Multiplayer


The guys over at Kotaku have had some hands on game time with the upcoming Killzone 2’s multi-player aspect.

Now it’s no secret that I am completely unsure of this game and in general do not like the way Guerilla and their marketing team have been doing things, so any third party reports interest me.

Kotaku haven’t mentioned any negatives (maybe there are none) but from the 5 positives they have mentioned this game is sounding fantastic.

In brief.

1. It looks fantastic and is paced between Lost Planet and Unreal Tournament…

2. Multiple manual spawning points across the map with a spawn camera… what a good idea.

3. Badge system. It seems that you can choose a badge to decide what type of soldier you are going to be, or merge two badges and become a sniper with a bazooka…

4. Multiple gametypes, 1 map. Also another really good idea. Instead of having to load a new map to play the next round in Killzone 2 you can stay on the map you are in and just change the gametype. (Watch this be copied quickly)

5. Destructible toilets… and some other things that blow up.

All in all it sounds like Guerilla have added some awesome new features to the gameplay that, if they work, are sure to be copied.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: August 25, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • scotty777

    i’m getting hopeful of this game again, but my brain is screaming at me, telling me that i should wake up… and not believe this, so i’m on the fence 😀

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