Alan Wake is alive and kicking

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I don’t know about you, but I was getting rather worried about whether or not Alan Wake was still going to see the light of day.

Pretty much nothing has been heard of this game in well over a year. There was never a rumour or any type of proof to suggest that the game might be cancelled, but with no information about the game being released for such a long time, it made me wonder. The good news, then, is that we have a statement from Remedy Entertainment that says that the game is still in development.

When contacted Remedy to get some info, this is what they were told:

“Right now we are fully focused on development and not ready to talk more about Alan Wake. We’re doing well and the game is looking awesome, but it is time to labor away and to keep our nose to the grind. The game has a lot of potential and it deserves to be crafted into all it can be. We are driven by our own quality standard not a timeline. Would love to talk more when we pop our heads above the surface next time.”Remedy Entertainment PR

Taking more time to make it great? Fine by me, it was already looking really good so improvements and refining are more than welcome in my books. It looks then that the game will be done when it’s done as no release date has ever been set.

If we are very lucky, we could see it end of 2008, but I highly doubt. I would say that a more realistic date would be either April or November ’09. Let’s hope that it’s worth the wait.

source: unscripted360

Last Updated: June 3, 2008

Nick De Bruyne

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  • PillsburyDeeBoy

    Talk on A.Wake is evidently A.Sleep. Good on the devs. Just make a decent game, ‘kay? Thanks:).

  • Milesh Bhana ZA

    That response sounds very similar to the response from the 3D Realms devs wrt to Duke Nukem forever.

    Alan Wake was always going to slip to 2009. Anyone who was hoping for a 2008 release was being overly optimistic. Hope it looks awesome.

  • Nah, I trust Remedy at this point, Max Payne 1 & 2 are gaming landmarks. Then again, people trusted Free Radical…

    doobiwan’s last blog post..The Games that made the consoles

  • JimBob

    This is my most wanted 360 game, out of all of them. Hope it comes out soon-ish.

  • scotty777

    I hope this game impresses everyone! I loved the max payne games and I just hope that this title will be just as good, I mean, the max payne titles had some killer story lines…

    Fingers crossed on this title!

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