Alltime PS3 sales released

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Kotaku has been dragging through all the Sony financials since the PS3 was released and they can now announce exactly how many PS3’s have officially been sold according to Sony.

VGChartz currently has the PS3 sales sitting at 23 million while the official Sony stats are sitting at 23.8 Million, which is pretty close really.

This does raise the question, why doesn’t VGChartz update their numbers when the official stats are announced?

In other news Sony has also officially announced that they have sold over 189.7 million software titles sold via retail and PSN combined since the launch of the PS3.

What scares me is that through all of that they have still made a loss, hell if I made a piece of hardware and sold it 23 million times with 190 million supporting pieces of software I would expect to be rolling in it.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: August 3, 2009

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  • ewie

    Well – those are Sony numbers from kataku which is shipped
    to retail. where as the vgchart (as well as ndp/gtrack famatsu) numbers would be retail sales to end users. so the differance between the 2 are sitting on shelves / in warehouses.

  • ewie

    Kotaku = Shipped to retail (Numnbers that Sony report).
    Vgchartz / ndp/gtrack etc are sold to end users.

    Difference = Stock in retail stores / warehouses.

  • Actually the numbers that Sony now reports is based on how many consoles a retailer has sold to a customer…. Which is a very nice change from how the hardware guys used to report.

  • ewie

    Can’t be, as all results that sony announced previously was based on shipments. And no history have changed. And why would they have shipments of 1.1 now which is a drop of 500 000 . If they could have shown a growth ? Have a look at sony
    previous results.

  • ewie

    I see they did a change of fy06 to realised sales,
    but this will then still be to REtailes and not to end customers, as there is no way sony can track
    100 000 individual stores.

  • ewie

    Just the information on the website of Sony.

  • Ozzy

    i bet it must annoy the ewies of the world that sony is not doing to badly. at least their figures look more or less right.

    what i want to know is how the hell micro$oft made a profit with their embarresing $1.5 BILLION DOLLAH warranty budget. that plus all the development costs and normal overhead costs should mean they only make profit in 2050 but by some miracle, they making money. my bet is that those sharks are conveniently excluding that huge figure from their books.

    but i sure that the crooked xbots on this blog will rush the gates to give an informed explanation.

  • ewie

    No not at all, they Sony are doning ok and they are keeping in there, it must be shock for Sony themself that they are not in the same league as when they had the ps2, but that is just competition.

    They question was raised in the article about they differance between numbers sony supply and numbers
    tracking services supply. And the reason is quite
    easy to explain where the numbers from Sony (And in the same breath from Microsoft and Nintendo) is Sold to retail. where Vgchartz , ndp, gtrack etc do Estimations of sales to end customers. By taking samples of the number of hardware sold by a sample of stores.

    so a Difference of 800 000 is possible as retailers always will have a number of items in stock.

  • ewie

    Your question about how one can make money and the other not. Just look at the shipments, Sone y shipped 500 000 les than a year ago on the ps3 and 2.9 million less on the psp – so they still had to manufacture stock, or run overheads on the factories, so a lot of the
    loss they reported the last few months, is because they have greater stock in warehouses where they already had to pay for the manufacturing (COS) of those
    items. You can’t suddenly stop your manufacturing plants.

  • Ozzy

    thanks for trying to explain ewie, it was a nice attempt but my question was about microsoft specifically, not about sony. πŸ™‚

    the warranty budget of $1.5 billion dollars, billion rand is equivalent to financing an entire city for at a year. you can buy a group of small islands with that.

    my question remains, how does m$ make a profit to brag about on such a huge budget liability which as i mentioned excludes all other related costs. include the related costs as well (logistics, development, marketing, raw materials, costs of production etc etc) and the figure is absolutely astronomical. if you think about it realistically for a second you will see what i mean.

    i call total bullshit on all their profit announcements. they will never admit it but i think they found some way to hide that cost elsewhere instead of a dirctly related cost. typical. just like enron. πŸ˜‰

  • janrik

    MS ententainement div. Had a loss. Only the xbox made a profit, I’m sure they have a warrenties dept, that is deep in the red, but not connected to any of their other systems

  • You mean a large corporate is being accused of playing funny money with the books :w00t: Who would have guessed πŸ˜‰

    Every company on the planet is guilty of that one, as for your specific statement. Well Microsoft would knock that cost of the bottom line and in the greater scheme of Microsoft that money is tiny. They could just offset it against R&D and the bean counters wouldn’t flinch

  • ewie

    The 1.5 Billion for RROD was in the financials
    for Fy2008, so it was already done a while ago.

    have a look at this thread on vgchartz

    Showing where the profit is, you will sea the 1.5 billion was in fy2007. So they have already put the money aside for all these 2 years ago. So in reality it might have been $500 million in 2007 $ 500 Million in 2008 and $500 Million in 2009, but they took the knock 2 years ago so that they can show a profit now.

  • Ozzy

    so m$ actually planned the $1.5 billion?????????? that is pretty shocking statistic for console warranty. clearly they had no faith in their own product and knew from the beginning that they were manufacturing rubbish.

    i bet they are so proud of themselves right now and they should be – they caught pretty much everybody including myself. wont catch me again though.

  • ewie

    No not planned but when they saw the impact on RROD they extended the warranty to 3 years and applied this to extend the warranty. So part of the bad design to get the xbox out a year before the competition.

  • Ozzy

    oh right. but still, knowingly releasing the console a year earlier based on a flawed design is shocking. and for what? to beat their competitor to the market? at the expense of a huge warranty bill and inconvenienced customers not to mention the constant worry that your machine will break soon? this kind of business behaviour sets a poor example. americans should stick to making movies & music, because they suck at pretty much everything else, they especially suck at making quality products.

  • Fox1

    And the YLOD is costing the consumer after warranty is over. No 3 year warranty there :angel:

  • ewie

    yes Sony must extend the warrantee, but they will not, sure they will get a class action suit one of these days and have to pay for those repairs then. But you are right ps3 owners are stuck on one year and then it is out of own pocket, not as big as RROD but still substantial

  • easy

    0.2% (call it 5% to be generous) versus 30%

    kinda obvious why there is no 3 year warranty


  • Ozzy

    exactly. i am on my 4th 360 now (first 2 rrod in the first year alone) and my ps3 is cool since launch. so i already am thankful for sony making a quality console. its the inconvenience which makes me naar. first time rrod was saturday evening just after 6pm. my fiance was out with family to give me whole night playing games then i get rrod. i was so mad :angry:

    i love games. period. right since genesis days. but im sorry m$ made this round quite unpleasant for me. maybe next gen they will get it right.

  • Fox1

    A cost of R2500-R3000 for a refurbished console is why there’s no 3 year warranty :whistle:

  • janrik

    It is a testament of the great games the 360 have to have people go through 4 consoles and still stick to it… :ninja:

  • Ozzy

    There is no 3 year warranty because there is no need for one. :getlost:

  • darthdad

    It’s also a testament of the great exclusives the PS3 has, that people are willing to pay so much for the console…… :pirate:

  • janrik

    LOL for sure. Exclusives decide the platform of preference. 😎

  • ewie

    Every single ps3 owner who had the ylod after 1 year
    will disagree. Just as with the Xbox 360 , the blu-ray cathode is new technology that was unproven and as such should be extended.

    But this is not part of this discussion, and people doing the repairs will have better input on this.

    the fact still remain that sony is still loosing money in the game division for 4 years in a row. And microsoft for 9 years, before they made some money back and will take them another 9 years to wipe out the losses they occured starting the gaming division,

    On sony part , all profits from ps1 and ps2 and ps3 have gone into ps3 (blu-ray) and they need to make profit from next year onward.

  • Ozzy

    what a load of bs – you really are getting good at spewing that nonsense. probably because you actually believe it.
    truth is, i was so indoctrinated by the whole xbox rules nonsense that i had no clue. not anymore though. im wise to the whole farce now. if the 4th one goes, im going as well. doubt that will happen though considering its sitting gathering dust anyway and doesnt get used.

  • RSA-Ace

    Well actually no Sony has (as of 2006 – i think) been showing only shipped to end users.

  • Ozzy

    what a load of bs Γ’β‚¬β€œ you really are getting good at spewing that nonsense. probably because you actually believe it.
    truth is, i was so indoctrinated by the whole xbox rules nonsense that i had no clue. not anymore though. im wise to the whole farce now. if the 4th one goes, im going as well. doubt that will happen though considering its sitting gathering dust anyway and doesnt get used.

  • easy

    facts an figures clearly allude you.

    but if you look at all major electronic goods, including consoles, you’ll find that a 1 year warranty usually is sufficient.

    a 3 year shows that there’s a problem. i not bashing the 360, just stating that most electronic goods have failures and thats why there are measures in place to protect consumers… thats why after x-% of failures (5 i think) companies become liable. otherwise it comes out of your/the consumers pocket.
    ms aren’t doing this to make 360 owners happy… they have no choice, except for a major lawsuit.

    fact of life in the modern world.

  • Ozzy

    what would happen if they didnt offer that 3 year warranty? consumers would crush m$ through lawsuits.

    sony doesnt need such a warranty as their product falls within normal failure rates.

    the 360 falls into the highly abnormal failure rate category.

  • Ozzy

    point taken πŸ™‚

  • You fanboys should get a room already πŸ™‚

  • ewie

    Don’t see any fanboy comments here. Only proper discussion about console sales.

  • Ozzy

    agreed no fanboy comments here. ps3 rules 360 sucks. thats no fanboy comment that is a fact. πŸ˜†

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