Alone in the Dark…. why…

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By now I am sure you have heard that Alone in the Dark, my tip for game of eternity, is not actually getting the glowing reviews that were expected of it.

I first saw this yesterday morning and have been sobbing in the corner ever since.. I am sure the developers kak themselves when they see me posting a story about a game being absolutely amazing… I tipped Army of Two, which was good but not better than COD4. I then tipped Haze… which well… Then I tipped Alone in the Dark.

After our own perfect reviews the next ones that I put a lot of weight in is Eurogamer’s… So while Eurogamer didn’t slate the game they did end up giving it a less than perfect 7.

AitD had high expectations and it seems to have just fallen short…

Very sad indeed…

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: June 20, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Lupus

    Still want to try it out

  • Janrik

    I won’t mind playing it if I WON a copy /hint /hint, but not sure I want to spend R600 on a game that has serious control issues according to all the reviews I have read so far…

    Oh well, still need to get through MGS4, before Battlefield BC hits.

  • Fred

    Battlefield bc is gonna be great i think , then Little big planet after that …

  • abe

    Looks like the delay on the PS3 version could turn into a blessing!

  • darthdad

    It still sounds enjoyable from the reviewer, so he didn’t like the controls….meh!

  • Vamp

    I’ll still be playing the crap out of it as soon as my copy arrives. 😉

  • Syph1n

    Dont care what one or all reviews say. I want this game!! It really seems to me that lately if a game is hard or not perfect then it gets bad reviews. Lost odyssey didnt reinvent the wheel but was an awesome game so it scored low.

    Ninja gaiden 2 is a brilliant game but difficult, low score (yes i know the camera angles but once u get a grips they really not that bad)

    Alone in the dark is a trip down memory lane for me. back to the days of resident evil 1/2 and thats exactly what i am looking for. A few awquard controls are not gonna hold me back.

  • Vamp

    I agree.
    I am curious however as to how the controls will translate onto a keyboard + mouse.
    But, to date, I have yet to find a game that I deem unplayable as a result of the keys. Nobody said life was
    easy 🙂

  • Janrik

    Kotaku summarises: “This week, the following events took place: 1. We got a bunch of tips telling us that the Xbox 360 version of Alone in the Dark had turned up on BitTorrent sites. 2. Scandinavian games site GameReactor were one of the first to review Alone in the Dark. They gave it 3/10. Ouch. However, they then promptly pulled the review, and accusations of shady dealings were levelled against the site by Atari, who said that press copies had only been sent out the day before (the review has since been reinstated, and the 3/10 stands). Odd, seeing as many other European publications also had reviews go live this week, but whatever. 3. German site 4Players reviews the game. Gives it 68%. Then is threatened with legal action by Atari because, yes, Atari had no idea how the site got a copy of the game.”

  • Good grief….

    At all costs, avoid this game. The premise is interesting enough, but the controls. completely. kill. it.

    The driving sections suck so hard, I’m considering taking the damn game back.

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