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So yesterday I posted that the first ever community created game (Pong) was now available on the PS3. Well Microsoft has hit back in a big way.

While the PS3 version was a dodgy 2D black and white version the Microsoft one is a 3D sphere with multi-touch functionality.

Okay that’s really not very fair since the PS3 one was a huge breakthrough in community gaming done by a bunch of guys in their garage. While the Microsoft one was created by a crack team of geniuses with billions of dollars behind them.

The sphere is cool though.

Last Updated: July 30, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • alphaV1za

    It’s like a round version of MS Surface.

    Still, rather cool.

  • Rudolph

    The sphere is awesome…

    I don’t get what’s so cool about the community created PS3 game… MS has been working on this for a long time, see

  • Rudolph

    After a quick google it seems that MS has been working on the community games thing for quite some time, with XNA creators club launched in 2006 already:

    It seems only natural that Sony would do the same.

  • O yes… and of course, like everything else done by mS, you have to pay a subscription fee for this.

    That being said, this was launched in 2006. Does anyone know of Arcade games that was created through this Club?

    Werner’s last blog post..Wall-E game sales not looking good. Have consumers finally woken up?

  • Agreed, I don’t really understand why you would rather want the sphere to work on rather than the flat surface.

    Werner’s last blog post..Wall-E game sales not looking good. Have consumers finally woken up?

  • ewie


  • LazySAGamer

    Community games are actually quite a large part of the new dashboard.

    There are some really good ones just waiting to be released so it is working.

  • cause the PS3 community thing is a hack. PS3 don’t have anything like XNA to make your homegrown game in. Wish Sony would wake up and release something like it, maybe the phyre engine.

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