APB requires no monthly subscription – No console version either

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There has been a bit of confusion in my head recently over whether or not APB was coming to the Xbox 360 or not. Well apparently the initial rumours were that it was but now it’s only being considered and currently APB is a PC exclusive.

APB is simply a MMO Cops and Robbers game, if we count 100 players as Massively Multiplayer that is. You get to choose to be either a baddie or a goodie and then you are thrust into the world to create gangs, wreck everything in sight, harass civilians or you could choose to be a thief and break into shops instead.

All in all the game looks awesome and it’s good to hear that we won’t be expected to fork out a monthly fee for APB, but that does leave me wondering how they are going to keep it going over 12 months or can we just expect it to be dropped when the sales money runs out?

If they ever did introduce a PS3 or Xbox 360 version that interacted with the PC version I would think this game would rocket to the top of the best selling lists, but I guess if it were so easy to create cross platform games they would have done so by now (Shadowrun excl)

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Last Updated: August 17, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • Blue_Skittle!

    I think they have a version for the ps3 but it would fail on xbox cause no none except people with no reasoning power because I’ve been hearing there going to throw some sort of payment in there and you have to PAY for multiplayer on any xbox game ( I think that’s fucking stupid) and so it would be if they do have some sort of paying you would have two payments for one game.

  • Blue_Skittle!

    In between power and because add would buy it

  • nick


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