Are the developers from Mafia 2 working on GTA V?

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We’re going to be expecting a lot from Grand Theft Auto V when it eventually arrives, from a vast open world to lush graphics and exciting adventures. But one thing that GTA has always had in abundance, is a good story.

It’s what keeps players around, keeps them focused and gets them invested in the game, as doing your own thing in a sandbox environment can get boring after a while. GTA V knows this all too well, and it seems that developer Rockstar Games has roped in some outside help in order to play to these strengths.

Speaking to VG24/7, sources told them that the 2K Czech Studio was collaborating with Rockstar Games, helping them with cutscene animations alongside some cinematic expertise and gameplay ideas.

2K Czech last worked on Mafia 2, which received mixed reviews from critics. Despite having excellent voice-acting and a cinematic quality that matched up with the polished gameplay, Mafia 2 was criticised for its lack of sandbox activities, as the story focus left very little room for sight-seeing and diversions.

Still, it was an above-average game, and with the developers currently working on a Mafia 3 after a year of pre-production, a collaboration of this magnitude can only spell good things for both sides.

It makes perfect sense as well, with the two studios falling under the 2K Games umbrella, to pool resources, as only good things can come out of such a brief partnership.

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2K has declined to comment so far, saying that they do not respond to rumours.

Last Updated: March 6, 2012

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