Army of Two: 40 Day – Debut Trailer

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Ready for more Bro-mance and fist pounding?

I really think that Army of Two didn’t get the credit that it deserved. I mean, sure, it wasn’t the greatest game to grace consoles this generation but it was still quite a lot of fun, especially when played with a buddy.

This new trailer for Army of Two: 40 Day looks like it was directed by Michael Bay or something as it intrigues and enthralls viewers with it’s intense Hollywood movie trailer film style. I thought Ben Affleck or a big Transformer was going to pop up at any moment, albeit the trailer wasn’t yellow enough to be a Bay trailer (That’s the telltale sign, you see).

I was actually a little worried that the game’s tone was going to be too serious, as the humour gave the original game a lot of it’s style, but then a comment made by one of the two at the end of the trailer let me know that all is well in Army of Two land.

How many of you played Army of Two and did you think it was decent or a piece of scrap, and did you play alone or co-op with a buddy. Tell us about your experience, so we can all compare notes.

Last Updated: May 4, 2009

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  • bokka1

    I played it alone and thought that it was fun.

  • Roland Browning

    I thought army of two wasn’t that bad. Pity my ‘buddy’ was a bit of a n00b 😉

  • ruben

    yo juge delos dos modos y los dos estaban muy divertidos yo estoy muy feliz laverdad que ya ba a salir otro game de army of two ojala que este nuevo tambien puedas tunear tus armas

  • Rob

    What is the name of the orchestral track playing in the background during the trailer?


    i think its gonna be good


    i think its gonna be cool

  • Ruslan

    Coop in AoT was great fun. This seems to increase the ante a bit further. The problem is hopefully the release date doesnt clash with the MW2 titan…

  • bassman

    i still play the first one. alone and with my brother. we love it. cant wait for 40th day

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