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Assassin’s Creed 4 new trailer reveal

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Assassin’s Creed 4 isn’t doing much wrong at the moment with every little reveal showing us yet another cool thing in the game that makes us want it even more. Earlier today Zoe showcased the new collectors edition and now we have a brand new trailer to show you.

One of the best things about Assassin’s Creed 3 was the naval battles system and from what we can see these are going to play a massive part in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed 4 with this trailer specifically showcasing the naval warfare and the pirate’s life.

What I really am looking forward to is what appears to be the seamless transition from naval warfare to hand-to-hand combat and then back to large scale battles.

Yes the hype train is speeding up and I don’t care, I need to play this game.

  • Hammersteyn

    That header is worrisome. I know the Japs play this as well but I hope whale hunting isn’t in this game.

    • Theo Steenekamp

      Perhaps that is how you will fund your homestead?

  • Jonah Cash

    I am on the hype train as well and promised myself I wouldn’t buy a ticket this time….. Ashamed….

  • Admiral Chief Groot Wors


    • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew


  • Ultimo_Cleric N7

    I will get back into the AC series for this one, no more Desmond! YAY!

    • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

      spoiler :O :O

      • Hammersteyn

        Who is Desmond? LOL

        • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

          Apparently some dead dude?

          • SPOILER… I thought he was the apple

          • Ultimo_Cleric N7


          • spoiled

          • That Green Twit

            Sweet mother of Hades… so. much. win!

      • Ultimo_Cleric N7

        Desmond was a spoiler….a game spoiler.

    • WHAT? How is Nolan North going to earn a living now?


      • Ultimo_Cleric N7

        Voice casting:
        Nolan North: Whale, trees, rock, Bosun Paddy ‘o Callahan, Every Character in AC4 who’s name include a vowel.

  • Jonah Cash

    Hey @gavin a lady asked me if she could use my comment I made on Yolande’s article of Sherlock Holmes on Frogwares’ facebook page. I said yes but she must say that I commented here on Lazygamer. Is that OK or should I not have done that? (Should probably have asked you before I replied…..)

    • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

      BAD BAD JONAH!!!


    • Hey I just saw that now.. how cool is it that they are now using comments from the site as well in their PR.. show’s how cool our community is 🙂

      In future, all comments belong to whoever makes them so you really don’t need to ask our permission or even ask them to refer to us.. but we do massively appreciate the thought 🙂

  • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

    How do you know if you are a pirate?


    • RinceWind

      I salute you!

      • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

        Aye matey, aye

  • Jakster

    Core mechanics looks like every other AC game. So mundane. So borring.

    I feel an OVG rage coming on.

    • Tee hee hee, you must have come from the same batch of test tubes as me 🙂


  • Some rumor going around that the PS4 version is going to look better than the PS3. Not sure if true or not, will have to wait until digital foundry do the comparisons.

    FACE PALM!!!

  • ElimiNathan
    • Theo Steenekamp

      The hell am I laughing so hard at xD?? hahahahahaha!!

  • RinceWind

    Looking nice. Can you believe I haven’t played ANY Assasin’s Creed? OVG raging will do that to you…

    • For a game that canned and pissed Jade Raymond right off, it ended up getting more milked than COD.


      • But ASS CRACK 3 still shifted 13 million fcking copies.

        • WHAT? 13 Million?
          How many did ASS CRACK 1 SELL?


          • RinceWind

            Wasn’t ass crack 1 the best?

          • Yes it was graphically and fresh for its time. But only gamers knew that. The casuals still had not jumped onto the marketing wagon.

            ASS CRACK 2 only came about because Jade Raymond sold her soul to let the poor new IP have one more chance.

            It worked, but those other 2 games that were shoved in between 2 and 3 was a piss take money grab.

            Also the story made no sense. It was writing according to sales.

          • Trevor Davies

            2.2 is the best I think. 1 was good, 2.1 was a big step up, 2.2 added even more. only spent a couple of hours on 2.3 before I got bored but it didn’t seem much different from 2.2. Playing all of them in a row will have that effect heh.

          • I am confused, how many fcking ASS CRACKS are there?

          • Trevor Davies

            lol. I suppose I should call them by name instead of by number.

            1, 2 (2.1), Brotherhood (2.2), Revelations (2.3), 3, 4 😛

          • So… Revelations was the true ending? as it revealed more than the others and Brotherhood was Episodic content to see if Co-Op play can work… and 3 was explaining how Desmond’s ancestors turned into native Americans from Arabia?

          • Trevor Davies

            Yes, 1 was Altair, 2 was Ezzio, 3 was Connor

          • So now Desmond knows why he likes watching Pocahontas while eating Pizza with his sabre.

          • Theo Steenekamp

            Think the very last instalment to the series would be when we go the the very roots of Desmond’s ancestry. Think it will follow a little bushman named Xoi Xoi and how he won Bloed Rivier all on his lonesome.

          • Then the sequel is called ASSASSINS CREED Amoeba Cesspool THE Prequel

            You have to crawl your way out of the primordial soup and beat the Illuminati tadpole with your sharp little claws.

          • RinceWind

            I’m so confused right now. So they made as many Ass Crack games as CoD? trololo

          • 1 short, I think… but close

          • TiMsTeR1033

            from what i seen ass crack 2 was thee bestest

      • Theo Steenekamp

        Looking at the ending of Ass crack 3, I would rather have the 2012 apocalypse happen (spoiler alert).. I facepalmed so hard on that I hit my nephew who was standing behind me when I finished it..

        • lol and I bet all those 13million including Darryn who raged at the anti climax will all go out and buy 4.

  • Yolanda Green

    Trying my best not to get my hopes up too high for this, but’s so damn hard not to!

    • TiMsTeR1033

      the better question is will it only look that good on next gen? will current gen kill what we love about the trailers!

      • Yolanda Green

        I honestly don’t care for how it will look on next-gen compared to current-gen consoles, because I have a PC xD I only hope that the trailers won’t sell a game that doesn’t even come close to how it’s depicted. It’s easy to make a game look good in trailers, when it’s in fact quite rubbish as a whole.

        • That Green Twit

          Like Aliens:CM

        • Emm

          I could not have said it better myself Yolanda 🙂

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