Australian Sony Boss Goes off pop… Maybe he took the cricket to seriously?

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Ha I was wondering how I would be able to link the hammering our cricket team gave the Ozzies to a news story and I have finally found the link… granted it is tenuous to say the least but I am using it. has been chatting to the boss of Sony Australia, Michael Ephraim, about how Sony is price gouging the Australian consumer and how Sony is losing money hand over fist.

Well apparently Michael didn’t take kindly to those comments and retorted with

“I am angry I am bloody angry over this story you will be hearing from my lawyers. Just because Sony is making losses does not mean that you can print garbage like this. I repeat we are not price gouging Australians”

So he seems a little upset, he got this upset because printed a story pointing out that Australians are paying on average AUD$150 – $284 more for a PS3 than their American friends even though Sony actually distribute directly to the local retailers in Australia.

Not to mention that games are still USD$25 more in Australia than they are in America.

So if I thought Mike had a decent argument I would be following this one closely, unfortunately he has just blown his top for no real reason and now looks like a fool… a bit like the Ozzie cricket team looked yesterday after we slaughtered them*…

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For all the ugly details click through the link below


*I told you it was tenuous

Last Updated: January 27, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • No… no… doesn’t seem tenuous to me. Any reason to bash them is good by me :devil:

  • easy

    there’s no need to bash them, i think they’ve had more than enough already :biggrin:
    plus the poor bugga’s have to come here and do it all over again lol

  • bokka1

    So basically have the same problem that we have wrt game prices.

  • Except they can’t console themselves with the fact that they have a better cricket team 🙂

    Honestly I find prices in Australia worse than SA apart from the odd special here and there

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