Avatar Items On The Marketplace For Those With $$$

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The new Xbox Live/Summer Dashboard update has spurned some serious debates even before it was released. But as you all should have already known by now, the marketplace includes an Avatar Market which allows you to buy some expanded gear for your digital self.

In other words if by some miracle despite the global economic state of the world, you have some extra ZA Rands to burn or singe then here’s some cool stuff you can spend it on. So scroll down to check out some cool Star Wars, BioShock 2 and Gears of War 2 apparel you can pimp out your Avatar with.

I have to express my utter dismay at this attempt to squeeze some more cash out of us gamers who love to personalize our gear… but that isn’t to say some of these items are pretty cool despite their price.

Star Wars:

  • Clone Tropper Armor – 400 Microsoft Points (R50)
  • Clone Trooper Helmet – 160 Microsoft Points (R20)
  • Clone Trooper Shirt – 80 Microsoft Points (R10)
  • Jedi Order Shirt – 80 Microsoft Points
  • Lightsaber – 400 Microsoft Points
  • Obi-Wan Shirt – 80 Microsoft Points
  • Obi-Wan Tunic and Armor – 320 Microsoft Points (R40)
  • Republic Symbol Baseball Cap – 80 Microsoft Points
  • Republic Symbol Shirt – 80 Microsoft Points
  • Yoda Shirt – 80 Microsoft Points
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Gears of War 2

  • COG Armor – 320 Microsoft Points
  • COG Helmet – 160 Microsoft Points
  • COG Tee – 80 Microsoft Points
  • Crimson Omen Baseball Cap – 80 Microsoft Points
  • Crimson Omen Hoodie – 160 Microsoft Points
  • Crimson Omen Skate Shoes – 160 Microsoft Points
  • Crimson Omen Skull Cap – 80 Microsoft Points
  • Crimson Omen Tee – 80 Microsoft Points
  • Locust “Cyclons” Helmet – 160 Microsoft Points
  • Locust Drone Armor – 320 Microsoft Points

BioShock 2

  • Big Daddy Doll – 240 Microsoft Points
  • BioShock 2 Logo Tee – 80 Microsoft Points
  • Bouncer Big Daddy Helmet – 160 Microsoft Points
  • Cult of Rapture Tee – 80 Microsoft Points
  • Don’t Wait – Incinerate! Tee – 80 Microsoft Points
  • Incinerate Guy Tee – 80 Microsoft Points
  • Prototype Big Daddy Helmet – 160 Microsoft Points
  • Prototype Big Daddy Tee – 80 Microsoft Points
  • Rosie Big Daddy Helmet – 160 Microsoft Points
  • Splicer Mask Tee – 80 Microsoft Points

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Last Updated: August 12, 2009

  • janrik
  • al360rulz

    this sucks i say 10 – 100 ms points max for all the items
    furthmore is highway robbery :pirate: :pirate:

  • We have quite a solid discussion on the pricing and items in this weeks podcast, which should be up and happy at midday, so about 45 mins.

  • janrik

    R50 for storm trooper armour… not bad, that is like 3 2L cokes. And will not cause tooth decay 🙂

  • The free suspenders and plaid pants suit me just fine.

  • ewie

    Some of the items look really nice, can’t wait to find out the ones you can unlock in game.

    O and the doll from bioshock look very nice.

  • WitWolfyZA

    i read about this earlier this year on the xbox forums, and im tottaly disgusted about it, i would these stuff about 50 – 100 MS points max!

    I’ll never EVER buy stuff for my avatar, wont be long before we have to shell out like 1200MS points just to download an application that allows you to build your house as well. PASS

  • janrik

    I would happily spend 2400 ms on Mjolnir Armor for my avatar.

  • Yeah, but you;re certifiably insane. :biggrin:

  • Ozzy


  • Ozzy

    the characters look like players from everybodys golf. hardly worth coughing up cash for. maybe if they get a real artist to do the work i might buy one oneday.

  • People are trying, but I just can’t justify spending money on Avatar extras.

  • spl0it

    You would probably pay to make your guy naked

  • RonaldMcDeath

    What a scandalous rip-off, but definitely to be expected from M$. However, even though I’m completely against this nonsense, I won’t begrudge others if they want to spend their money on fluff. :whistle:

    Anyway, this update wasn’t the final straw and no I haven’t cancelled my xbox live account because of it, but the decision to sell my console and games have been coming for a while now. Shoddy local support, no local xbox live, inflated local game prices, 4 consoles RRODing in under 2 years, a 5th console that destroyed my disks, my credit card being held hostange by M$ etc.

    Sheesh MS I really put up with a lot.

    Meh! Hopefully, all of this won’t be the end of console gaming for me. :pouty: 🙁

  • Faheem

    :blink: :pinch: :w00t:
    I gotta say I’m with splOit on this one lol. Although I’d pay for a naked Angelina Jolie Avatar without hesitation :devil:

  • Faheem

    Or maybe a nude Bedrock Babe like Betty Rubble in The Flintstones… she never got much play but was a total hardbody :sideways:

  • easy

    you should’ve left it at angelina :whistle:

  • Faheem

    But why? :silly:

  • easy

    too much fur on a female is never a good thing 😉

    even naked

  • spl0it

    Once you see the pom poms in action all will be forgiven

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