Awesome, Cricket is returning to the consoles

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The Rhodes Finally cricket is returning to our consoles, granted it’s not the biggest sport in the world but we love it and now it has been announced that it is returning.

EA Games Canada has been tasked with the job of recreating the true sport of Kings on all platforms and we can most likely expect to see the next version in time for the start of the next cricket season.

Now I don’t know if it’s just me but wouldn’t it make more sense for the game to be developed in a true cricketing country like South Africa, Australia or if we’re desperate… England?

If all goes to plan then EA Cricket will be hitting all platforms and would obviously be a big hit on the Nintendo Wii…

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: February 13, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • janrik

    Great news. Let us hope it is good.

  • CattleBruiser

    The previous EA cricket games were developed in Aus if I’m not mistaken and they were rubbish. I still bought and played all of them to death though, so this is good news.

  • neoassasin

    Hopefully it will be a game like FIFA and not the very limited game that was on the ps2. If I remember correctly Cricket 07 was only like 1Gb in size.

  • moegoe

    Yup, I remember it being developed in AU too… what fun we had playing them. Only problem I had with the PC versions, one couldn’t network them… from what I recall, the last edition I played in 2005 wasn’t multiplayer capable either!
    Lets hope the Canadian’s pull it off!!!
    Which EA region developed the Baseball series? I love baseball games too, pity they don’t get launched in SA.

  • RogueOne

    Ive only played Brian Lara’s titles on ps2, and to say they were seriously flawed, would be an understatement.
    My biggest issue with them was I could not loose :ermm:
    So a week off non-stop cricket was enough for me.

    Ill buy this wether its good or bad….Im hoping for it to be good, so it can have longevity in my game time.

  • I got Brian Lara cricket on 360 . . .paid R599. . .what a waste. . .was a ps2 game HD,but. .if this EA montreal their talking about,they make the Fifa games. . .so,I heard a while back the Unreal 3 engine was to be used in two of their sports games,Fifa08 used it.09 doesnt look like it did.This just might be it.

  • Sylar ZA

    that is one down, lets pray for them to open there eyes and make rugby again….come on EA, the last rugby game they made was for the (first) x box back in 05 or 06

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