Backwards Compatibility Coming Back To The Playstation 3

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Now here is some great news for the Playstation 3, well, as long as it actually happens.

As most of you remember, the Playstation 3 came with backward compatibility when it was originally released. Many sad faces were then spotted worldwide, as Sony announced that their newer models would not include backwards compatibility in an effort to reduce costs.

It looks like Sony may have found a legitimate way to get backwards compatibility back into the PS3, and I for one, am sure hoping that it becomes a reality.

Sony have filed a patent that shows a way to emulate the Playstation 2’s Emotion Engine with software rather than hardware. So yes, this looks like it’s very possible and may very well actually happen in the near future.

I really hope that backwards compatibility comes back to the PS3, mostly because I have shamefully still not played Shadow Of The Colossus and with backwards compatibility I can finally look into it without having to also try and find a place to add an entirely new console to my already crammed television cabinet.

Source: Siliconera

Last Updated: June 30, 2009

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  • al360rulz


  • means I can finally play GOD of War 1 + 2

  • fred

    There is far to many good PS3 games , no time to go back to the old stuff.

  • This would really be great. One of the great drawcards of the original PS3 SKU was the massive BC PS2 library.

  • Arc316

    Great news!

    I have an original 60gig so I was able to play God of War and 2 and shadow of the colossus.

    It will be great if other ps3 owners that missed those can finally play them.

  • neoassasin

    Are you guys really excited about this? I had a 60 gig PS3 and the only time I ever played a PS2 game was to see how it works. Besides not looking like a PS3 game PS2 graphics look crap on a HD set even with upscaling.

  • easy

    bc via software… surely this is something that they would’ve thought about even before the launch?
    or at least shortly after they discontinued the sku’s that supported the emotion engine.

    i reckon they going to discontinue the ps2 soon, with a price cut slim ps3. smacks of conspiracy 8)

  • Mhhh…. and this after I’ve already sold all my PS2 games along with the PS2. Would have kept a few if I knew this was possibly on the horizon.

  • 0rk0

    The Emotion Engine wasn’t the problem to emulate.
    It’s whether they will emulate the Graphics Synthesizer that will determine whether we will see BC coming to the PS3.

    When they removed the EE from the UK SKU’s they still had software emulation of the EE.
    It was only once they removed the GS chip that BC falled away.

    So without GS we still won’t be able to play PS2 games on our PS3.
    Maybe the GS chip will be included in the new slim PS3 with the EE emulated, then current owners will have to buy a new console to get BC.

    Here’s hoping they emulate the GS chip, then all can benefit from it.

  • fred

    I agree there , GT3 looked worse than on a ps2 with CRT.

  • Everyones comments on not going back to PS2 games are very much true, I don’t really have the need to play last generation games. But I really do hate that I missed Shadow of the Colossus and I really want to play it before playing The Last Guardian.

    I also magically missed out on God of War II, so I want to pick that up as well before moving on to the third one.

  • WitWolfyZA

    This might actaully make me buy a PS3. I really enjoyed playing Shadow of the Collossus. Gets repetitive after awhile though… But which game doesnt 😛

  • 0rk0

    There is also the matter of being able to play my PS1 Final Fantasies games but not those that were on the PS2.

    I for one want BC, it’s one of the main reasons for my shift from PC to console. The other is the price to maintain the platform.

    Both Shadow of the Colossus and GOW2 were EPIC and you need to play them ASAP.

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