Batman: Arkham Asylum Xbox 360 vs PS3

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The video guru’s over at TheLensOfTruth have figured out that people love comparisons and have gotten around to upgrading their server hardware to handle the user load for their latest comparison posting.

This week we find Batman stuck under the lens and I have to admit that I am surprised by the results.

While the 360 has had the upper hand in these comparisons up until this point it seems like the black beast has finally gotten into it’s stride and is enjoying flexing it’s substantial muscle.

That’s right, if you have both consoles and are wondering which version to get then wonder no more, the PS3 is the top dog this time around for not one but two reasons.

First up is that the PS3 version is the only one that lets you play as the Joker which is enough reason to get the PS3 version straight off the bat but that’s not all.

During an intense investigation it appears that the PS3 version is graphically superior as well. Granted it’s a close call but if you click through the link below and take a look at the rest of the comparison screenshots I don’t think you would argue the fact to hard.

They both look awesome but the PS3 version just looks that little bit better. Microsoft should sit up and take notice now, they are letting Sony back into the war and Sony are grabbing the opportunity with both hands.

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Source: LensOfTruth

Last Updated: August 25, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Phoreals

    PS3 does look better. XBox 360 looks a tad washed out.

  • spl0it

    Yeah, the Xbox version is crap :silly:

  • nazcanlines

    funny, greg miller from ign’s review (and he is very pro ps3) says the xbox has the graphical edge. how do you figure that? (not an xbox fanboy)

  • darthdad

    I’m really getting old, my eyes are going.
    I don’t see any difference between the two.
    Well done to the devs! :w00t:

  • Someone

    I think the games are the F-in same.
    get the one for the console you have. (If you have both then get the cheaper)

    This who’s looks better comps are getting annoying. :ninja:

  • In the first pic they look the same, but the shadows on the guys face (those caused by the visor) in the second pic are definately better on the PS3

  • Darthpenguin

    I agree with everything.. but one thing… the xbox version is lacking the joker as a playable character.

  • bokka1

    I agree. They both just have different parts that shine more.

    I think the Joker character will be a plus point for a lot of players but I don’t know how this is incorporated in the game. Both consoles’ story lines should be the same.

  • Potty391

    Strange… on the LensOfTruth page, the xbox version looks a bit better on some of the pics to me… but overall they’re pretty much equal

  • Boobs

    The Joker is only playable in the Challenge Rooms, not in the story mode. But it’s funny that Lazygamer posted this story. They usually hate on everything PS3. And here it is cleary proven that the PS3 is the better console.

  • Graphics, schmaphics. Yes I know that’s not a word but you know what I mean right?

  • irfan

    the washed out look is likely a settings error. they both have equal details present

  • jared

    ….I see no difference at all. This is bullshit. You are all a bunch of [removed] fucking [removed]

    [Ed] Stupidity and swearing is fine, racism and homophobia isn’t…

  • Ruslan

    I am simply getting the PS3 version due to the fact you can use the Joker in the Challenge rooms. I wonder at what resolution is the game really running on both consoles seeing some of the biggest blockbusters on both have been under 720p recently.

  • Darthpenguin

    Nowhere does it say it is the better console.. it just says that for this one game it is the better choice…

    Spoken like a true fanboy 😛

  • Fred

    Looks like quite a good game on both boxes …

  • janrik

    YOu can play joker on xbox also… if you know how and read the right forums…

  • Ozzy

    ruslan has a ps3. that sucks. that enough reason for me to go back to my 360.

  • Ruslan

    Hahahaha… had one since launch… how do you think I know of its shortcomings? :tongue:

  • Ozzy

    pity. one of the main reasons i buy a ps3 was to get away from all the xbots like yrself and the rest. i think ill buy a pc now.

    sure i bet you must have been overjoyed to find the shortcomings of the ps3. must have really made your day. :getlost:

  • Ruslan

    Good riddance if you ask me. Have fun with your PC. 😆

  • easy

    come girls, stop airing your dirty laundry in public… get a room so you can kiss and make up.


  • Dwayne

    The ps3 version is definitely a better buy simply because of the free dlc, graphically the 360 wins according to IGN and even though I haven’t played the 360 version I’m inclined to agree with them, the ps3 version does have a ton of jaggies while the 360 version is said to have a decent bit of anti aliasing. Get it for the ps3 if you want to play as the joker or the 360 if you want a sharper looking game.

  • I know a few people who will honestly fight with themselves over this decision simply because of the achievements on Xbox 360.

  • Fudzy

    What about the PS3 trophies?

  • Boobs

    Achievements suck. Trophies are way better.

  • dewej

    boobs? :ermm:

  • blackamp

    i don’t want to be funny, but those screens look so similar i don’t even get the point. Reflections on the xbox actually ‘pop’ more than on the PS3 i recon, but it’s so close, why bother even comparing.

  • I dunno, probably because they already had quite a stack of gamerscore already. I don’t get it personally.

  • Ruslan

    I agree, Achievements have lost its sparkle simply because pirates and game savers messed it all up. Trophies sound cooler, specially if you aim for the Platinums. :heart:

  • screw this crap

    What a load of junk. Here is a comment from the website:
    psykosonikninja says:
    August 24, 2009 at 7:38 pm

    This comparison was bogus. I’m sorry, but it is becoming more and more apparent that Lens of Truth is more concerned with appeasing fanboys of both sides and stretching to make things seem equal, than it is with giving us the truth.

    I am not a fanboy. My user name is also my PSN ID. But the truth is the truth, and this comparison was not truthful.

    I did my own comparison and what I saw is not in line with what Lens of Truth is reporting.

    First of all, the 360 version had anti-aliasing whereas the PS3 did not. I also saw more screen tearing in the PS3 version. The 360 version also seemed sharper and some of the textures looked a bit cleaner. These things had a far bigger impact on the graphical presentation of each version than the extremely minor things LOT mentioned.

    The good news is, the developer did a very good job and came closer to platform parity than what we have seen from most cross platform titles, and they should be commended. But there were a few differences.

    The claim of the PS3 version having better shadows and better light sources is completely false. I’ve even gone back to the games to double check what they are talking about, but there is very little difference and whether the subtle difference was better on one console or the other is completely subjective.

    Likewise, their claim of the PS3 version having a better camera view is completely subjective. I felt the slightly closer camera view in the 360 version lent it a more cinematic and dramatic feel, while not hindering gameplay in anyway.

    That is the problem with Lens of Truth comparisons, they do very little actual technical analysis. Where is the detailed frame analysis that will give us factual and detailed information on frame rate and the degree of screen tearing?

    Instead we get a bunch of extremely minor things mentioned that have very, very little impact on graphical fidelity and are completely subjective in the first place.

    The things we multi-console owners need to know is if there are differences in framerate, screen tearing, texture resolution, contrast ratio, color saturation…those kinds of things. Not some arbitrary and subjective judgment that is meaningless to the individual.

    Lens of Truth try so hard to give it to the PS3 and the only way they give it to the 360 is if the differences are blatantly obvious and significant. If the differences are even slightly close they will do their best to find some extremely minor subjective differences in order to give it to the PS3.

    Digital Foundry does a much better job of giving us the pertinent factual information we need to make an informed buying decision. Moreover, they do actual technical analysis that is lacking in the Lens of Truth comparisons.

    That said, the PS3 version of Batman Arkham Asylum is a fairly solid performing game and it does have the extra Joker content, so it should definitely be considered. But people should be armed with the truth, and the truth is, the 360 version does perform somewhat better than the PS3 version. Whether game performance or the extra content is more important is up to the individual.

  • step

    I’m a multi console owner and rarely buy for the 360 anymore, mainly cause i figure itll break eventually and ill be left without those games, so always go for ps3 games no matter how they look (and admitadly always gets the short straw of the deal, got fallout 3 for both and there is a notable difference in performance), but i really don’t see the ps3 looking better in those pics. It wont change my mind about gettin it for the ps3 as its more reliable but to me it does look like the 360 has the vissable edge.

  • janrik

    Yeah I know. I’m only 500 short of 70K now… and I don’t get why I do it.

    I love this game btw. My GOTY for 2009.

    Totally worth importing. Or you can wait. And Wait. And Wait…

  • JuliusMalema


  • JuliusMalema

    I’m going for PS3 as well, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I don’t own a xdoos anymore.

  • dan

    This is so ridiculous. It is so abvious that the person whom has posted the image above has gotten it wrong. The washed out image is the PS3, while the more colourful in that of the 360. Its ridiculous

  • Raza

    Woww… well said.

  • Fidgewiget


  • i have the ps3 and the xbox 360. and i have played the game on both look the same trust me guys.

  • hahaha

    Anytime who makes multi-platform games is going to nerf graphics unless they spend way too much time and resources fixing things for each system. Second legacy xbox 360 can’t compete with cell processors, finaly don’t believe your lying eyes when you see which of these pictures look better lol!

  • eXp

    My eyes lie to me?!

    Better go to the doctor first thing tomorrow and make my eyes swear on the bible they’ll stop sending lies to me.

    I wonder if my nose lies to me as well…

  • Forget the shader niceties, has anybody compared how well they play? I find PS3 games tend to tear a lot on a 720p set.

  • dude

    thay are both the same and if i had to pick io would pick xbox 360 :alien: :angel: :ninja:

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