Battlefield 1943 – Oh hell yeah

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I found this video up on Gametrailers and in the beginning I thought it all looked a little weak.

However the more I watched it the more excited I got, now I am just annoyed that it’s going to take so long before I get to play it.

I have a pretty dismal record of picking winning games but I am ready to dust of my cowboy hat and get back in the ring. I predict that this game is going to absolutely dominate the PSN and the Xbox Live Arcade when it gets released midway through this year.

For you guys that don’t watch video’s at the office, bookmark the page and make sure you check it out when you get home, I am idiotically excited about this game now.

Last Updated: February 11, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • bokka1

    This looks like fun for an Arcade game.

    Anybody know what the size limit is for XBLA

  • There isn’t one; Microsoft grant exemption on a case-by-case basis. For example, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is about 368 Mb. Presumably half of the file size is to accommodate for the ludicrously long title.

  • ewie

    now just to get a proper arcade stick.

    Ars reviewed the street fighter one – just to get one now.

  • easy

    this looks like a load of fun, but i can’t help feel its going to have problems when battlefeild heroes comes out.
    bf heroes is free and loads of fun, why pay for something similar.

  • dewej

    i have a problem with the whole downloadable games thing, i only have two gigs of cap and if i download a game the size of bf heroes, then i can hardly play Teamfortress 2 and still do all the other things i need the internet for, i have to get it from friends and ect, INTERNET IS A MAJOR PROBLEM IN SOUTH AFRICA, WE ARE GETTING RIPPED OFF, as a internet using community we should try and change the fact the internet providers rip us off totally, whos with me?

  • janrik

    There is lank cheap interwebs options available, if you just browse the right forums….

    I’m paying about R1 a gig at the moment…. :devil:

  • dewej

    omghaxban, cool

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