Bioshock Confirmed for PS3

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That’s right folks and great news it is! All you PS3 owners out there can look forward to Bioshock on your favorite black and shiny console! A 2K representative told IGN this morning that “We can officially confirm that BioShock is in development for the PlayStation 3,”.

The news has also been confirmed in an EGM interview with Jordan Thomas, the man who has stepped in as creative director for Ken Levine. According to an article in the July edition of EGM is saying that Bioshock for PS3 should be hitting shelves in time for Christmas.

2K is expected to give an official statement soon. But with the sources of the information being so credible, we can definitely say that this is not bogus. To all of you PS3 owners that didn’t own an Xbox 360 as well, you can look forward to a very deep and immersive experience, coming soon, with crosses, squares, triangles and circles to a retailer near you!

source: IGN

Last Updated: May 23, 2008

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  • kay

    That’s awesome! It’s a stunning game, let’s just hope it’s not another Orange Box-style porting disaster.

    kay’s last blog post..Donald Knuth Interview

  • Abe

    Question is why would we want it? Its old and didnt live up to the hype the firsst time round! Meh!

  • Err. Its not Old and It did live up to most the hype, remember?

  • kabraal

    I’d probably look into it. But I already have it for PC and I’ve yet to complete it. It was definately a awesome game but it’s a tedious struggle to play games on PC for me these days. It’s a good sign for the PS3’ers that hopefully, if there is a Bioshock 2, that it’ll be multi platform and date-day release with the 360

  • Banana hammock

    I think the main reason it’s coming is because they plan on making 2 a mulit-plat game. That way they have a much bigger target audience.

    Exclusives don’t make much sense for 3rd party devs anymore.

  • Abe

    I just cant see it selling!

  • It sold 2 Million units on the 360 alone and won numerous game of the year awards, I guess then it must be rubbish :p

    Besides the fact that the movie is in the works.

    doobiwan’s last blog post..The Games that made the consoles

  • kabraal

    It’ll sell, definitely not as good as the 360 version but it’ll sell non the less. They’ll just need to built up some hype. And as banana said, it’s a good platform to expand the franchise from 20million consoles to 30million plus. I’m sure it doesn’t cost them million of man hours to do the port. Hopefully the port will be good…

  • MaXiM

    I’ll get it…. Hype or no hype, it’s a good game…

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