Bioshock's Big Sister breaks cover

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Big Sister

The rumoured Big Sisters from Bioshock 2 have broken cover and ended up slapped all over the cover of Game Informer magazine.

To be honest I am surprised that they have ruined the hype this early as the preview site was just getting interesting and now some of the most interesting rumours have all been answered.

The Big Sisters are real and look very similar to the Big Daddy’s except that they are thinner and looking a lot more agile. 

The little girls are being kept in a cage on the back of the Big Sister which is incredibly creepy all in it’s own right and the saddest part of the entire magazine for me is that we are returning to Rapture…

Now you’re telling me these Big Sisters were running around Rapture the entire time and we never saw them when we went through the city last time? 

I hope they manage to make it all fit but for now I am a little bummed… check the full magazine cover below.


Oh and TakeTwo have recently released their upcoming release schedule and have strangely not listed the platforms that BioShock will be coming to, I am thinking that Microsoft are working on another exclusive deal at the moment that hasn’t yet been finalised…

Last Updated: March 11, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Syph1n

    Lets hope its not another concurrent story line where every thing happens that was in first game but from a different perspecitve. Im getting really tired of this easy cop out.

  • Chainedfly2002

    Well, maybe it’s taking part in a different section of rapture? who knows, maybe we only saw a small part of the city of Rapture, but still, lets hope it isn’t one of those games were we get to play the game from a different point of view :angry: but, isn’t the dates on the teaser website later than the events that happened in Bioshock?

  • theturk

    Wow thats creepy! Can’t wait for this. I’m interested to see how we would have to harvest / rescue the little sisters now seeing that they’re locked in a cage. Maybe Tennenbaum was playing us all along and had her own agenda – the Big Sister!

  • dewej

    i hardly understood the first game,with all the big daddys and little sisters,now there is big sisters too! ha ha all they need is a little daddy and the game will be complete

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