Black Ops 3 Shadows of Evil Zombie Prologue

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As you know by now this year’s Call of Duty is being made by Treyarch which means Zombies are back – and as always Treyarch are putting in an in-depth story with complex characters and meaningful dia…. no sorry I can’t do this.

I’ve been sitting here for the last 20 minutes trying to spin this video into an interesting article but I’ve obviously got writers block or a full realisation that zombie mode is entirely about shooting zombies in the head and has virtually nothing to do with a story… even if one does exist.

So here you go, check out the trailer for the Black Ops 3 zombie mode which includes a failed magician, a cheating boxer, a corrupt cop and an aspiring actress. To be 100% honest I love the setting and it could make for quite an awesome movie, well that is until the zombies from outer space arrive obviously.

Last Updated: October 13, 2015

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Stosta

    Appreciate the honesty Gavin. Why don’t you go have some more coffee.

  • Grand Admiral Chief

    Hehehe, gg Gav

  • Hammersteyn

    LA Noire sequel………………aaaaaaaaaaah crap!

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    haha, sometimes getting that word count up is harder than people realise.

  • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

    Ok….So Ron Perlman as the boxer…

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