Blame the PS3 for GTA IV being delayed

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So the news is finally sinking in properly that we won’t be playing GTA IV this holiday season. Now that we have accepted that we obviously need someone to hurl abuse at…

So who is reponsible for GTA IV being delayed…

Well if the internet is to be believed then all blame is to be placed firmly at the feet of Sony and their PS3…

From being to difficult to develop for, to not being able to handle the graphics, to being competely unplayable everyone has a reason to blame Sony…

The only accusation being aimed at Microsoft is that a normal DVD may not be big enough to hold the game.

However since all the previous demos have been run off an Xbox 360 it is highly unlikely that the 360 is actually at fault here.

Yeah we may end up with multiple discs for the 360 version but at least we know it’s going to work. The latest rumour site is stating that the PS3 version is completely unplayable. 

So who should really be blamed? Possibly the developers who should have realised the problems earlier or has something just come out of the blue here?

Last Updated: August 7, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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  • feo

    Seeing as Sony has a exclusive franchise with Rockstar, that makes it pretty clear that RS have no qualms about developing for the PS3, so I’d say this is definitely something RS didn’t expect.

  • ocelot

    And you call yourself unbiased?

  • feo

    But it’s a fact. I’m not a fanboy of either console but if Rockstar are prepared to give Sony exclusivity deals then that screams that RS are confident with the PS3’s SDK.

  • ocelot

    feo that was not aimed at you. It was aimed at LG.

  • “Seeing as Sony has a exclusive franchise with Rockstar, that makes it pretty clear that RS have no qualms about developing for the PS3, so I’d say this is definitely something RS didn’t expect.”

    when you say exclusive? what do you mean? cause as far as I know, exclusive means that it’s for a specific console/publisher.

    And sony don’t have control over either. since the game is coming out on both Consoles, and is not even being distributed by Sony SA (sterkinekor)

    so in actual fact RS are more a less like every other developer out there battling to get games to work on all consoles’, I think development houses will start to realise how much the PS3’s architecture requires more attention and we should see games start to release at the same/closer time to each other.

  • feo

    When I say exclusive, I’m not referring to GTA IV. There’s something else in the pipeline that RS is developing and it’s ONLY being developed for Sony (PS3).

  • Really? do tell, as far as I know the only PS3 exclusive is an old western coming out? but apart from that the argument is surrounding GTA IV and why it has been delayed and not it’s upcoming titles. Rockstar may have signed an agreement to do a single exclusive game for Sony but to say the entire Rockstar Franchise is a little dangerous since they could be shooting themselves in the foot.

    And with any exclusive on any console it can be delayed with out affecting any other platform since it’s only coming out to that specific platform.

  • LazySAGamer

    ocelot, I am as unbiased as an educated person can be.

    Don’t you find it amazingly coincedental that the PS3 version of cross platform games keep on being delayed? The 360 is the easier system to code for and since we have already seen GTA IV on the 360 I think it’s a fair assumption to say the PS3 version is the one holding us back.

    Rockstar would not release GTA IV before the PS3 version is ready which is why both versions are now delayed.

  • feo

    kold, I haven’t seen any details on the exclusive so it’s anyones guess what it’s gonna be. More and more rumours flying around that all RS games after GTA IV will be Sony exclusives:

    These guys in the linked podcast might be talking out their asses. The last line in that post seems pretty accurate:

    “We believe this is a case of misinformation which was deprived from Sony’s announcement a few weeks ago that Rockstar was developing an exclusive title for the PS3 only.”

  • Fred

    Come on , you can not fit all that hi-def content on a single dvd , that is the issue..

  • LazySAGamer

    Then just release it on 2 dvd’s… Would anyone really care?

    I don’t see them holding the game up for 6 months and missing the holiday season just because they don’t want the game on 2 discs?

  • Ruslan

    Simple, release the game on the X360 and let the PS3 gamers wait just like they have been waiting for all the other multiplatform games. In the end to make them happy slap on the exclusive episodes for GTA IV that were bound for the X360 version 6 months after.

    Isnt it what the R6, GRAW 2, DiRT and other hot multiplatform titles have been subjected to for the PS3?

  • ocelot

    2 DVD’s wont work on a game like GTA. Just think about it for a second.

  • Max0991

    If they have a problem making it for the PS3 it is because they make it for X360 then try to make it work on the PS3.

  • you are def a PS fanboy… feo.

  • 2 dvds will work..remember Finak fantasy VII ? 4 cd’s. As the story progess you are asked to swop disks.. might be iratating but it will work

  • feo

    Evil, I’m actually an Xb…I’m impartial OK. 🙂

  • scotty777

    lol, Ya, well… if they make it on 2 dvd’s there’s going to alot of duplication on the second dvd, I mean, because gta uses huge maps going from town to town will take up a lot of data space on the dvd, and what about the missions, remember, gta’s main point is to choose the missions you want, so if I complete a mission on disk two, then there’s another mission you do for money on disk 1, it’s going to get very messy and it will probably annoy you to the point of not playing the game…

    I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t stick to the story line in games like GTA because it gets a little boring so, I do those little missions which are fun, and those might be on disk one…while the story line missions might be on disk two, so it would again get annoying

    But they might put the different towns on different disks, which again would be annoying

    And remember that the loading times are going to be a night mare as the xbox would have to backup the data etc… all from the new disk…

    HOWEVER… they game might need a HHD, which means, with the first disk, you simply install the data onto a HHD and they play off the second disk.

    So as i see it, Sony have one up over the xbox as they thought ahead and put in a bluray drive…

    But, before you bash me and the ps3 anymore, just think, It might be the ps3’s hardware, which is just hard to develope for, OR the fact that the xbox’s lack of a high def drive,resulting in the use of 2 disks, might be the problem, as they realised that the loading times and the fact that you might have to get up every time you change towns.

    Remember, think before you act, as there might be a ps3 fanboy ready to strike,

  • Ruslan

    Whats different from the BR anyhow? Everybody knows each BR game dumps 5-10% of its BR data on the HDD for cache. Why wont GTA do the same on HDD equipped X360’s even if it has 2 DVDs?

    I say let the fat lady sing only when the game is out, till then lets have happy times with what is ahead of us. 😉

  • yhea!
    well gta 4 is only in 1 town… liberty city ( correct me if im wrong ) and there will be no flying…so thats alott off data not neded anymore
    I play for 100% normally i get so P -off by the vigilant missions …

    I see PS3 the same as the old 3DO any one remeber that… overpriced and over powerd back then… was way too expensiev and no one realy wanted that amount of power… well I did and my buddy did… so we where where stuck with almost no one to swap games with …. and 3Do disapeared not to be seen again

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