No. Blindly Defending Your Console Is So 2007

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If there is one thing that makes me grumpy, it’s fools who can’t take the time to stop being idiotic fanboys for one second to stop and realise that sometimes, criticism may actually benefit their console of choice.

I’m sure that by now you are already wondering what I am on about, so let me explain.

Destructoid’s Jim Sterling put together an article titled “Sony Needs To Just STFU” and while at a first glance it may look like an anti-Sony/PS3 article, but once you read it you start to realise that the guy has some very good points and criticizes Sony in the hope that it will further improve Sony’s strategy regarding the Playstation 3.

So inevitably, fans of the Playstation 3 (In this case, Playstation Lifestyle) come along and try to tear Jim Sterling a new one by whining in a post titled “Sony Flame Baiting Is So 2007” about the article and calling Destructoid an “alleged multi-platform site” without actually taking a moment to think things through.

I suggest that you read the articles, which can both be found at the bottom of this post.

I find it utterly ridiculous that Playstation Lifestyle has lashed out at Destructoid for posting an article that was written in the hope that Sony further improves and pushes the Playstation 3 in an even better direction.

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Take the Xbox 360 for example, it has had multiple issues since its release, the primary one being the infamous Red Ring of Death. Surely, anyone who loves the Xbox 360 wants the issue to be fixed, right? If someone lashes out at Microsoft for it’s inability to provide decent hardware to it’s customers in the hope that they will rectify the issues, surely it could only assist in pushing Microsoft to up their game?

But no, it can’t happen that way. Writers like these are blinded by their love and passion for their console of choice, and cannot possibly accept that it is anything but perfect. In this case, they actually do, but then complain that they have heard it all too many times.

Excuse me, but as said earlier, if something has issues, surely you would want it sorted, right? Why spend all your time defending the issues rather than realising that the people who should be putting the most pressure on companies like Microsoft and Sony are the people who love their products the most.

A fanboy is a fanboy, and is most likely to never care about the ways in which the competition can improve, which means that you should. As the people who fork out the cash for these expensive devices, we need to be spending less time bashing other peoples preferences and spending more time ensuring that the products we spend our money on are giving us the most complete and valuable experience that we can get.

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Shame on anyone out there who is too blinded by their own preferences to realise that by refusing to acknowledge and complain about their own product’s downfalls, they are only screwing themselves more than anyone else ever could.

Here are the links to the two articles, as promised:


Playstation Lifestyle

Last Updated: July 15, 2009

Nick De Bruyne

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  • Matt

    So I have to ask…what is wrong with the PS3 that has not been fixed or currently in work? The comments that SONY PR members say are not even known by 75% of the gaming community. If you really think everyone that plays video games reads these blogs daily, then you my friend are greatly mistaken. The consoles price is the only drawback I see, that doesn’t affect me as I own a PS3. The X360’s only drawback is the RROD, which does affect me as I own a 360 as well.

  • The Destructoid article offered little value in terms of news and was a rehash of some of Sony’s mis-steps in the industry while the PS3 was an infant.

    Jim only feeds into the misrepresentation that the PS3 is a failure when it clearly has a loyal install base.

    There was nothing in my article that was not true. Simply dismissing this as fanboyism is just ridiculous and a complete misunderstanding of the term “fanboy”.

    Nice Try!

  • So it’s okay for the PR guys to talk crap because no one listens… 😯

    Not so sure the PR guys will agree with that pitch 😉

  • darthdad

    Where have all the smileys gone? 😕

  • darthdad

    We used to have ninjas and pirates, and that upside down guy.

  • Well I for one agree with Nick, sometimes the truth is harder to swallow so ignorance is the next best thing.

    @Matt, your “point” doesn’t clarify the fact that both console have it’s downfalls, and while the PS3 issues may be in development it’s not to say that the xbox360’s aren’t being seen to either.

    the point that Nick is saying is that there are current issues, and we’ll continue to get issues with the console and these need to be addressed instead of the fanboi’s defending their consoles the outlook should be…”You know you’re right that’s pretty stupid that I have to download 4 patches of 20mb each instead of 1, we should bitch at sony for that” and “yes, MS should’ve freaking well sorted their RROD issues ages’ ago if modders can fix it why can’t MS?”

  • easy

    we are bombarded by pr on a daily basis, brand overload essentially.
    for instance, i loath ford advertising, yet own a ford. but i’m not going to jump up an down because or their failings in advertising or whatever marketing stunt they pull. i’m sure this goes for most people’s relationships with brands in general.

    so why do gamers have to take everything so personally? lack of social etiquette? i don’t know, but its juvenile and just screams a need for reflected glory and most probably attention.

    matt is right, people that get caught in pr nonsense need to catch a wake up, and realise there are far more important things to worry about… like why mass effect is not coming to the ps3 😉

  • 0rk0

    Both articles have valid points.

    The solution is simple.
    If you can’t afford it, work harder or save until you can.
    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.
    Everybody is entitled to their opinion, live with it.

    Ps – You’re criticising another site for criticising another, well thought out article…8O

  • Fox1

    I think that upside down guy got turned the right way around :mrgreen:

  • :silly: :pirate: :ninja: … I wouldn’t know what you are talking about?

  • darthdad

    :ninja: you are!

  • Bart

    Shame nick, the ps fanboys pissing you off again? not that i care about your shitty plug on the whole subject, but you really should spend less time worrying about the things you cant change.

    And responding to these kinds of articles like you always like to do is definitely so 2007. maybe its actually you that needs to build a bridge now and get over it instead of pointing the fingers at the ps fanboys the whole time?

  • Fanboys are fuuuuuuuuuuuuuny 😆

    Lazy, add a middle finger to the smileys at the bottom. :silly:

  • Ruslan

    PS3 an infant? Having ruled the console world with the PS1 and PS2 its arrogance that got Sony’s PS3 into the state where its at.

    The loyal install base sees nothing in front of their eyes thanks to their empty belief into whatever Sony spills.

    Its about time Sony gets a wake-up call and sorts its much touted “superior” console by admitting its flaws and shortcomings.

  • Yes, I admit that this is the second time I am criticizing another writer for their posts, but it’s only because people need to start understanding that we need to start being way more aware of the issues that affect us after forking out so much money for these consoles, so that we can further improve our own experiences.

    For example, I completely switched over to Apple Mac’s and I have really grown to love them. In South Africa the prices are ridiculous, the service is terrible and if something goes wrong with it, then prepare for the worst. Should I just sit and defend them all day long, or start realising that we are entitled to better prices and service. What good would it do me to just sit back and defend Apple because I now prefer Macs, when it is clear that I am getting screwed?

    Hell no, I want to fight and kick up a stink so that all of the issues are resolved and improved, it won’t help me one bit to sit back everyday and just say “well at least I don’t get blue screens”. That kind of mentality helps no-one

  • easy

    umm… you need to write an article on this, because i’m still none the wiser to what actually is the problem here? sony aren’t screwing anybody, you either buy into their products or don’t.
    and if its purely down to their pr department, then i’m gob smacked that people actually have the time to bitch about this shite!

    all i’m hearing is fanboy this fanboy that, but no substance to what exactly the issue is? :blink:

    o and mac’s are by far the best computers i’ve used too :biggrin:

  • darthdad

    Macs suk! :ninja:

  • 0rk0

    “In South Africa the prices are ridiculous, the service is terrible and if something goes wrong with it, then prepare for the worst”

    If you’ve known this then why do you complain.
    The moment you’ve bought the product you have accepted the risks involved.
    If you haven’t, then you didn’t do the proper research into a product, as you should have done before buying it, and then it’s your own fault.

    Your only right as a customer/consumer/client is to get what you paid for in the beginning…and you did.

    The rest is a bonus.
    It’s one thing to complain about a faulty device and another thing to complain about a price cut.

  • Ok take Telkom for example. Are we all happy with what we are getting, should we just accept the service and be happy in the fact that we knew what we getting into?

    Of course not, we complain, and rightly so and should keep doing it and never stop.

  • :pinch:

  • easy

    telkom is not a good comparison at all.

    sony is NOT a monopoly in the console arena, but your point is valid to an extent… but again WTF is the problem?
    or more to the point, what is sony doing that’s making gamers lives a misery?

  • darthdad

    Our animators are using macs, they are in the office just across from mine. If I had 5cents for every word said in anger coming out of that office about there hardware, I would be very rich indeed.
    I actually like the design of the boxes and monitors though. 😉

  • Sorry for the confusion easy, I was referring more to Apple in South Africa.

  • Faheem

    :w00t: “Shame on anyone out there who is too blinded by their own preferences to realise that by refusing to acknowledge and complain about their own product’s downfalls, they are only screwing themselves more than anyone else ever could.” – couldn’t say it any better.

    Oh and yeah I’m a Mac freak too – but in my opinion the world provides crap so mostly as consumers who can’t afford to buy every malformed turd corporates have to offer, we have to pick the lesser of the evils and squeeze out some sour, add some sugar and entertain our selves.

  • ….hmmm. looks like a lot of you are defending the PS3…

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