Blu-Ray has 5 years left

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Andy Griffith’s, the Director of consumer electronics over at Samsung, has been chatting to and has come out with a very controversial statement.

While talking about how well Blu-Ray is doing and and how he expects it to be the next mainstream platform he lets out that he thinks it will only last another 5 years and has no chance of reaching 10.

This instantly brings to mind the fact that Sony are promising a 10 year life cycle for the PS3 which would leave it high and dry by the time the PS4 is released.

The good side however is that the new technology will be embedded before the PS4 comes out and therefore shouldn’t be a major expense at that time.

Andy also mentions that he see’s 2008 as the year of the Blu-Ray. Well from my side it is September 2008 (4 months to go) and Blu-Ray has hardly made an entrance in my local video store or movie shop.

I fully expect Blu-Ray to hit mass market towards the end of next year, but if he is right and it only has 5 years to live then I doubt it will ever hit mainstream.

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Last Updated: September 5, 2008

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Gavin Mannion

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  • kabraal

    Where is the yawn emote?

  • Fudzy

    Interesting, I wonder how long tech ‘gurus’ estimate the normal DVD drive will last.

  • Banana hammock

    I think in 5 years online digital distribution will only start to really compete with BD. With both living side-by-side for a good few years.

    Remember, this guy is from Samsung who are one of the major members of the BD consortium, so it’s quite a serious thing for him to say.

    TBH, i think 5-10 years of BD is brilliant and Sony would have been very happy with that outcome if you offered it to them before the format war was over. Plus, BD won’t just dissapear, people and businesses will still need mass storage devices and BD is perfect fo that.

  • ewie

    What he say may make sence , if you take into effect the leaps and bounds that happened to tv’s in the last few years. With 1080p basicaly almost the standard now, and sony and samsung and others alsready pushing tv’s 4 time as good, it will only be a matter of time
    before they became mainstream, and then you will need much higher resolotion video feeds to satisfy customers. And yers it could just as well still be on a blu_ray disc, but then the ps3 would not be able to have anought bandwith to push it. What I mean by that i
    that ps3 got 1x blu ray drives and you would most likely need a 8X or 16X drive to deliver so your alder blu_ray drives will not be able to handle it.

  • alphav1za

    Yes they are good for storage but @ R100+/- a disk its rather cosly and they take close to an hour to burn one 25GB disk.

  • yes true, however as the cycle of products has been proven the initial cost for new technology is high but as it reaches a stable production level the cost to produce become less as the demand goes up and there fore the cost to the consumer becomes less as well so I would eimagine the cost for the disks will become considerably less

    koldFU5iONs last blog post..4 answer count down(Armored Core 4)

  • Banana hammock

    You could say they same for the PS2 and that’s still going strong.

  • Banana hammock

    The CURRENT disc prices are only high so that the guys can recover R&D costs. In a few years the discs will be cheap.

    At the end of the day a BD disc is just a simple piece of comressed plastic.

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