Blu-Ray Made No Difference For Bioshock

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Bioshock to look as good as 360 version

Well how’s this for blatantly obvious, the extra storage capacity of Blu-Ray hasn’t made a blind bit of difference to 2K Games in the process of porting Bioshock over to the PS3.

Since it fitted happily onto the 360”s DVD I don’t think this is much to get excited about though apparently this is big news?

Melissa Miller from 2K Games did however go on to say that the dev team is aiming for graphical equality on the PS3 and is making sure that everything looks just as good on the PS3 version as it did on the 360 version.

So unfortunately there will be no upgrade in the graphics department on the PS3, there is however some added gameplay in the form of a new Survivor difficulty (like we need it harder) and downloadable content in the form of challenge rooms…

I wonder if the DLC is going to hit the 360 version as well some day… at the moment however it is exclusive to the PS3 version and to be honest I expect it to stay that way. You will most probably find that the 360 version just doesn’t have the ability to plug in more DLC.

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Last Updated: August 29, 2008

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  • Banana hammock

    Strange how everyone who has played this game on the PS3 so far has said it looks much better than the XboX version, but the devs themselves don’t seem to want anyone to know.

    Maybe they fear a backlash from the mighty MS, time will tell if te devs are speaking kak or if the people who have played the game so far have gotten it right.

  • Honestly if it doesn’t look better than the 360 version then there is something wrong.

    They have the time, knowledge and money to get it right so there really are no excuses.

  • Scratchy

    Funny, I remember people saying that it will look better on the PS3.

    Now you have people saying they are TRYING to get it to the level of the 360?

  • Vamp

    Exactly what i was thinking 😕

  • played it on PC, cant care less for this title at this point.

  • RonanN1

    I want that Survivor difficulty on the X360 version! The hard difficulty was a piece of cake. An add time limit to 😀

  • Blue-Ray did make a difference, it introduced installs 🙂

    Milesh Bhana ZAs last blog post..skate [360]

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