Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 are alive and well

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I woke up this morning to a top story on N4G entitled “Has Xbox 360 Accepted The Defeat in 2009” which stood out for me as possibly the most badly written headline of all time. It gets by you at first because most normal people subconsciously move the The to before the Xbox 360 where it belongs. But the headline did it’s job and I read the article.

Basically they are trying to imply that the Xbox 360 is dead this year and has now left it to late to make any sort of recovery.

But there are some severe problems with that viewpoint.

It’s April, which means there are still 8 months left of the year, or two thirds or 200% of what we have already experienced of 2009. In other words the year is still there to be won.

E3 hasn’t even happened yet and to think that Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo or anyone else isn’t going to announce anything big at E3 is simply naive.

However the main reason why the story is pointless and just ever so slightly insulting to anyone who can read is simply that the Xbox 360 has outsold the PS3 in 2009 so far. So claiming that it is dead while it is in the lead is a little far fetched.

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At the same time however the PS3 isn’t miles behind and has a great looking lineup this year, much to contrary belief Sony isn’t going to be throwing in the towel by July and pulling out of the console game for good.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have all captured large chunks of this generations market and even though many people surmised that the gaming market was only big enough for two companies when this generation started, I think it is fair to say now that all three can live quite comfortably in the space.

OnLive unfortunately will need to find somewhere else to play, you are not welcome here.

Last Updated: April 14, 2009

Gavin Mannion

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  • dirka allah

    kiss my as xbox :pinch:

  • easy

    we are never gonna hear the end of this console war malarkey… the war is over, the wee wii won this gen, and second place is just going to be the first loser.

  • Hi. this MEZZO from I wrote that article well not an article it was more of a thought i never said 360 is finished how can a successful product ever die that would be the stupidest thing that only Fanboys say.

    All i said was that why haven’t Microdsoft announced any new exclusive titles and that even if they unveil new titles on E3 you cannot expect them to come out this year.

    Thats All.

    Thank You.

  • baba

    LOL, we all know Lazy is a 360 fanboy.

  • Hi Mezzo,

    Unfortunately your logic doesn’t hold unless these unannounced titles are not already in development.

    There are also a pile of previously announced but now missing exclusives that could be announced and released.

  • eXp

    as? :wassat:

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