Braid is coming to the PSN – PS3 Fans must rejoice

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It looks like the PSN may be becoming the destination of choice for all top rated downloadable titles.

What with Castle Crashers already announcing it’s arrival and now the German censorship bureau has leaked that Hothead are currently developing the PSN version of the title and it has already been rated (and thankfully not banned).

For all you PS3 fans I highly recommend playing this title and please make sure you finish it.

The game can get annoying at times but the ending is easily the best ending to a title I have ever experienced and is worth the entire cost of the game by itself.

Now with Castle Crashers, Braid, BF1943, Flow, Fat Princess, Flower and Pain it seems that the PSN may be in it’s right to claim the best downloadable game line up of the 3 top consoles.

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: August 2, 2009

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  • PillsburyDeeBoy

    PSN has been the premiere downloadable games console for a very, very, long time now.

    To add to your list, Pixel Junk Eden, Everyday Shooter, Superstar Dust HD, Wipeout HD, Shatter… there’s a ton.

    Whilst XBLA has the volume, the quality contest was decided a long time ago.

  • eXp

    Quality is an ongoing contest. It will never be “decided” :angel:

  • I don’t fully agree with your list but even if those were top titles it still didn’t give the PS3 a win when the XBLA had Castle Crashers and Braid on it’s side. Not to mention splosion Man, UNO and Geometry Wars…

    Maybe it’s time to do a comparison article 😉

  • Ozzy

    the PSN titles are way better than those on live and it been like that for a while now.

    i spend less and less on marketplace games lately. purchase ratio probably 80/20 in PSN favour. sony have done great job. ms need to step up their game if they want to catch up to sony.

  • Banana Hammock

    If Braid is anywhere near as good as titles like Super Stardust, Eden, Monsters, Shatter then i’m really looking forward to it. But it’s still gotta take a back seat to Trine which is really looking good.

  • Ozzy

    braid is good and so is castle crashers but generally there is much better quality on psn. now with the inclusion of braid and ccrashers on psn, the ps3 owners are getting the best selection of quality content. its a good time to own a ps3 i think.

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