Bruce on Fanboys and Microsoft winning the Blu-Ray battle

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Bruce Everiss is a veteran games industry marketer who writes for his own website now. He often has some very interesting postings and his latest one of fanboys is very apt for the recent arguments that have been raging on this site.

He doesn’t actually attack fanboys, rather he explains the necessity of fanboys and why we should all love them. He also manages to get a few awesome pictures to describe or demonstrate fanboyism.

So which image best describes you? Follow the link to see them all.

Fanboys — Bruce On Games

Bruce also goes on to theorise that even though Sony may have won the format war against Toshiba it has handed the console war to Microsoft

But it has cost Sony dear. Difficulties mass producing Blu-ray drives in 2005/6 delayed the PS3 getting to market. And when it did the high cost of the drives compared with DVDs contributed to Sony having to charge a premium price for the console, which stunted sales.

Does he have a point? I would have to say that he does, if the PS3 had arrived at the same time as the 360 and with a normal DVD drive I think it would have won the European battle already and would be pushing for victory in the States. Rather than battling for Europe now and losing by quite a margin in the States (January NPD data aside)

Blu-Ray Battle

Last Updated: February 19, 2008

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  • Banana hammock

    Sony arewere more than willing to risk the PS3 and console market on the format war. They are going to make billions upon billions from winning the format war. Thousands of companies are going to have to pay royalties to utilise the technology now, not to mention all the studios that pay fees to use it as well. All the while their company pays nothing for the same benefit.

    Plus, the PS3 will still win this console war, but they will have given quite a bit of market share away. Sony are the big winners here. MS won’t be happy that it ended so soon as they would have wanted to prolong the war as much as possible, but they’ll be happy with what the XboX has/will achieve.

  • ManesanZA

    They will have to pay Blu Ray royalties to the BD consortium.

  • Abe

    A few points:
    “Sony having to charge a premium price for the console, which stunted sales” – Didnt the PS3 sell more units in its first year than the xbox?
    “I think it would have won the European battle already and would be pushing for victory in the States”
    Um last time, I checked the ps3 was beating the xbox in europe for quite some time and it may be easy to just forget about januaries figures in the states, but onlt cos the ps3 won!!

  • LazySAGamer

    January sales were way out of expectations and not with the PS3 selling well just the other two doing strangely badly. It very much looks like a blip and I think we will see the 360 easily outsell the PS3 in the US for some time to come.

    The 360 (AFAIK) has still sold more in Europe than the PS3

  • Banana hammock

    You mean with the 1 year head start Lazy?

    And no-one mentions Japan… wonder why…

    Sony are smiling all the way on both the console and format sides.

  • Abe

    Only when taking its year lead though!

  • doobiwan

    The way to look at it is like this: “What would have happened if Microsoft had tried to go toe to toe with PS3 and launch at the same time with the same features”?

    Easy, no one would have looked at them twice. The PS brand carries so much weight that the 360 would have been seen as the “me too” again, would have been just as late and even with Halo fan support would be relegated to 3rd behind the Wii and PS3.

    And where are they now? First choice platform for 3rd party developers, still #1 in the USA and holding their own in Europe. Whether you like it or not the 360 strategy has been very successful for Microsoft.

    In 2008 they have to change the game, lets just wait and see what happens.

  • Abe

    No doubt their stratergy was very good, but in the process they have screwed their customers once again! and all so they could take an early lead! We all know that in five years time the ps3 sales will have surpassed the xbox360’s!
    And I dont wanna hear about some 720, we are arguing this war not those based in the future!

  • LazySAGamer


    Just a small point there. Who is actually going to decide who wins this war. Imagine the PS3 is planned to be replaced in 2015 and the Xbox 360 in 2011.

    If the new Xbox is released while the 360 still has a lead it could easily be declared the winner even though it had an extra year over it’s competitors….

    Just a thought

  • Abe

    The war is over and the a winner is declared when both consoles stop selling!

  • sabagamma

    @Abe How do you know what will happen in 5 years time? What makes you so sure when three years ago everyone predicted that the PS 3 would thrash the XBox 360 and nobody would care about the Wii.

    Now the PS 3 wins one month in the USA and people are shouting that the end is near from the rooftops.

    Japan is insignificant (these days), Europe is on a knife’s edge and the USA is clearly XBox territory. Sony had to sell their core business to keep in the console race, so they are not exactly smiling all the way to the bank.

    Lets face it, Wii won the next gen console war with a last gen console. MS and Sony are vying for the also ran position and it looks like it is going to be an (insignificant) photo finish.

  • doobiwan

    Abe, 17 million 360 owners are far from “screwed”, I would ask incredulously how you got there, but there’s no need 😉

    The 360 is the gamers console, it’s too late for the PS3 to change that.

    Almost all 3rd party games are better on the 360, the exclusives and first party games are excellent, Multiplayer and online is unchallenged, in better parts of the world you have a built in HD VoD service thrown in for good measure, and the controller isn’t an orthopaedic nightmare designed for a 5 year old (That would be the DS/SXS in case you were wondering).

    It ain’t perfect by any measure, and there’s a few things that tick me off immensely, but there is still no compelling gaming reason for me to want a PS3 even as a 2nd console. It’s also rather telling that the PS3 fanboys also spend all their timing trying to get bash revenge on the 360. 360 owners moved on ages ago.

  • Abe

    “360 owners moved on ages ago.”
    CLEARLY! 😉

  • doobiwan

    Hey, someone’s got to keep you in line :p

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