Call of Duty 5 Map Pack 1 – Available Soon

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[Update] If you are here because you can’t find the map packs on the PSN click here

PS3 Map Pack Delayed For Some People

Before anyone says anything, yes, the upcoming Call of Duty: World at War map pack has actually, after what must have been hours of brainstorming, been named “Map Pack 1”.

The new map pack from Treyarch adds 3 new multiplayer maps and 1 new Nazi Zombie map to the already immensely popular World War II shooter. This video interview details the new maps and what they entail and will fill you in on everything that you need to know, except of course what everyone is really wondering: “How much”.

The maps are set to release in this month on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, but there is still no indication of how much the maps are actually going to cost. If the Variety Map Pack for Call of Duty 4 is anything to go by, we can probably expect it to land at around the R100 or 800 MS points mark whilst being completely and unfairly free on PC.

Giving free DLC to the platform with the highest piracy rate? Clever.

Last Updated: March 9, 2009

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  • bokka1

    I won’t buy any map pack again. Nobody hardly ever plays it.

  • I mostly play COD5 ranked matched against random international people (the lag is very tolerable), so if you do the same you will get a lot of playtime out of it. If not then Bokka1 is quite right.

  • [LAG]Hart_23

    Does anyone know if these maps will come to the wii. I am really pissed that I already missed out on Nazi Zombies, real co-op and other maps.

  • PcGamer

    I am a PC gamer, and yes I bought the game, however I will not pay for extra maps and content. I got stung with Battlefield like that. Until consoles came along it was very rare that extra content had to be paid for…consoles have a lot to answer for.

    With all the COD’s up till now (and yes I have bought almost all of them) there were some fantastic community made maps, why the hell would I want to then go pay for what i can already get free??

    Add to that the fact that I can’t play an FPS on console to save my life and you get where I am coming from :tongue:

    Down With Consoles!! hehehe :biggrin:

  • it beater be 800 ms points or i am going to kill someone oley jokeying :devil:

  • [RANK]tedoyan


    i got a ps3 , and my question was :
    if i download the map pack on a other acount ,can i than play it on a other acount ???
    because the dollar is mutch cheaper than the euro, you see
    so i want to buy it on the amirican playstatoin store on my other account
    so help me!!!!

    gr tedoyan

  • oink

    :w00t: :wassat: :whistle: 😉 :wub: :face: :heart: 😆 :ninja: :ninja: :pinch: :pouty: 🙁 :shocked: :sick: :sideways: :silly: :sleeping: 🙂 :tongue: :unsure: :blush: :wub: :alien: :angel: :angry: :blink:

  • i hope they’re 800 because i only have 900 *gulp* :shocked:

  • ChAiSe

    What hour will they release it!!! I know its on the 19th but when

  • Romano

    My Map pack never appeared on my PS3 store :dizzy: I updated my PS3 but the map pack never appeared! :face:

  • rob

    it hasnt come out on mine either. i would expect too see it on before 5 oclock at nigtht so check by then

  • pat

    who knows… ive been waiting all day

  • calluly

    u wanker

  • geordge

    any ideas when this map pack is gonna be released GMT??

  • yar

    ive been waiting all day. did an update but still wont show up on PSN store 🙁

  • geordge

    same here noone actually knows what time its gonna be released on the ps3 even emailed tech support and they have ignored prob getting thousands of em though lol, treyach you shit heads tell us whats going on lol

  • Romano

    Teyarch SUCK! if this was an activision game this wouldn’t happen! I want My new ZOMBIE map! Verruckt! German for Crazy or Mad! Which is what i’m going waiting on the Map pack!!! :devil:

  • yar


  • Deejay_NUFC


  • yar

    who said tht?

  • Romano

    nice one ibhope it is true coz i thought it would be £8 and only 30 mins to go hopefully!!!! :w00t:

  • NAY

    6’0clock And it is £6

    If you do buy the pack it will approximateley take 1hr to download because of the server users :angry:

  • Romano

    :blink: 1 hour :sleeping: 🙁

  • NAY

    5 Mins ad they are ours ( if your GMT Time ) 😎

  • Romano

    3 mins now!!!! :w00t: :whistle:

  • yar

    its availible 😀

  • RAZ

    Any ideas when its out guys?
    I mean your saying 6 but why 6 oclock and why 6 quid?
    How do you know this and how are you sure?


  • yar

    i am downloading it.

    started download at 5:51 and its 12 minutes later.

    1% downloaded.

    gnna take ages.

    file size is: 702mb

  • Romano

    ITS THERE!!!!!! :w00t:

  • yar


  • RAZ


  • RAZ


  • gerodeg

    is anyone in the midlands getting this yet? been waiting all day and still no sign

  • you guys are getting it? I am in barrie ontario, canada and i still havn’t seen them, any ideas?

  • stilll havn’t got it

  • Romano

    when i try to add funds to my ps3 wallet it says error has occured (80023102) anyone know what that means???

  • RAZ

    it means we cant add fund to our accounts for 24 hours meaning we have to wait till tommoz apparently till we can get the maps which just take the effing mick!

  • Flippen_x

    Is there anyone who´s from sweden that got the map pack 1?
    Or know when it´s released? :cwy: :pinch: :ninja: :w00t:

  • RAZ

    first they upload it at a stupid time, 6 oclock? wht was the point????
    then they wont even let us add money to our wallets,
    biggest flop in playstation history!

  • this is ridiculous

  • Alez

    I am in uk and still not avalible for ps3 what is goin on

  • Specter73

    yes as long as its on the same console

  • Richard

    I have it on the store but i cant get it, keeps giving me that error someone mentined earlier…

  • Devo


  • Keith

    We have to wait till tomorrow?! :w00t:
    those mother F******!!

    i thought i was the only one with the problem of the wallet. because there are people already playing the map pack since they had some extra cash saved in their wallet

  • Keith

    Ruined my whole day waiting for this F***** update!! :getlost:

  • Flippen_x

    where ya from?
    cause i dont even have it on playstation store :angry:
    WTF is the problem?

  • Romano


  • omg i got same problem as RAZ

    it wont let me add funds, or even accept my credit card detials, it kept saying error all the time, what the hell is going on with psn ??

    this is load of f****** b******

  • Keith

    Im from malta but registered as UK it is showing in the game add-ons (took me a while to figure that out lol), but still wont let you add F****** FUNDS AAAARRRGGHHH!! :alien:

  • K C

    SONY SUCK DONG. Simple as.

  • Sean

    i got the error for my wallet once, i just updated my billing in my account info, and was able to purchase it. Downloaded, installed, and now….I cant play it. Keeps tellin me i dont have the maps, even though they are installed, very odd…

  • nokane491

    Im from Ireland and Im registered under UK and the fecking thing wont let me add funds to even get the new maps some error 80231002

  • Dre Fuller

    DUDE the map pack is f***** SWEET man.. the cola drinks rock in the ZOMBIE IM ADDICTTTEDDDDD!!!!!!!

    It only took me 16 mins to download but im on the east coast so i dont know if it has anythign to do with it!!!!


  • Nick Lanaro

    found the error fix.. All you have to do is try and add 25.00 instead and it will let you do it. Too many people have been trying to add 10 and 5 dollars and it is freezing up the system.

    hope this helps

  • Chas Skees

    Yea I just downloaded the map pack its so cool.
    All you have to do is update your system, go to the PSN store and then click on New Releases.

    If it isnt showing up on your store you need to reset your playstation so you can update again.

    If you guys need any help feel free to call me 770-841-9321. Dont feel bad I work for the playstation Network and I kinda feel obligated to help since we delayed the release all day.

  • a_flying_pen1s

    Ive tried to add up to £50 to my wallet and the fecking thing keeps saying error and can’t transfer money to wallet. This is some huge load of B.S.! Not a good day, everyone moody and this thing wont work! Couldnt they at least say what each error code is? I mean I can’t tell what (800231032D) bloody means. I once got the code (FFFFFFFF) oh and i have got the update, but that hasn’t done shit. Well fucking done! :angry:

  • posty2392

    sony can suck my droopy bell end!!!

  • posty2392

    also so can treyarch, they ae the biggest bunch of c.u.n.t.s ive ever came across stupid fuc.king tards

  • ukplayer

    wtf is the problem in the uk with the ps3 cod 5 mapack , everytime i go to buy them it says error sum1 plz help

  • posty2392

    im gunna fucking hang myself atleast thn sum one may ake notice and actually sort this son of a bitch out… bring on infinity wards

  • norwegian

    i heard that xbox users got it, but to ps3 its delayed until 26 of march.. is this true??

  • f1lthy23

    having the same problem and am sooo pissed, glad i’m not the only one. WTF Sony!!!

  • Okay I have emailed Treyarch and asked them for an explanation on what is going on…

    I will post a response as soon as I get one…

    While you’re waiting feel free to check out other more interesting articles 🙂

  • RAZ

    well its 2.31am in the UK, and still no luck, the store has coruppted and so has playstation home store, nothing is working, errors after errors, or just blank screens,
    Playstation havent anticipated the large amount of fans to download on release. the time of release was retarded, the price is retarded, the store is retarded, and now the console has become retarded, as robert downey jr once said, “never go full retard” congrats sony you found a way to destroy a decent game!

  • dan

    downloaded them and they suck! end of.

  • dan

    ps3 sucks hahahaha! rule on xbox!

  • chris

    sort it out sony u fucking idiots sony allways fuck shit up

  • Markus135 PSN

    In sweden is dont work yet but in Norway it works fine

  • Markus135 PSN

    Nope but if u look on map pack in online and u see is peoples online

  • Markus135 PSN

    OMG i see it in ps3 store just but is to many downloader so sony can’t have it outevery time

  • Keith

    now its telling me that my credit card info is wrong when i try to put in money!! :blink:

  • hellfrixos

    i am from greece and i dont know what the f** is happeningi cant find it on ps store plz help me

  • cod waw

    I´m from sweden and it doesn´t exist in the pss ? when does it come?

  • GatewasPSN

    im glad the map pack 1 was finally released and it was worth the money just for the new zombies stage so stop bitching



  • mark

    its not showing up for me still and it was released yesterday

  • Motorhawk3

    Im living in Australia and its the 21st in the morning and it still hasent come out. been waiting all day on the 19th and 20th and didnt come out. is this cause America is a day behind?

  • wytewidow

    sony sucks

  • bosch

    No its 3 days behind now, so obviously it has nothing to do australia being 1 day behind.





  • Markus135 PSN

    OMG it will be out in sweden next weck i think

  • Markus135 PSN

    released in scandinavia will be later

  • I am from Ireland and the MAPS!!! r not out yet! :angry: :angry: 🙁

  • Keith

    they are downloading now, any idea how long they take?

  • Keith

    i dont think greece can be cosidered as scandinavia, idiot. :tongue:

  • Shel Kickback

    Does anyone know what to do if the Variety Map Pack doesn’t show on the PlayStation Store?

  • cod waw

    where have you seen that ?

  • con

    there still no new cod5 maps on my ps3 store wtf

  • Cheeky B. Alls

    I´ve tried both your tips, and nothing works! Well, my PS3 says that it isn´t anything to update and reseting (if you mean holding the main power button down for a very long time) doesn´t work either! a little help, please?

  • scorpio8u2

    thx for that bcause i have been w8ting for 4 days now and it hasnt even come up on the playstation store and im starting 2 get rally pissed off bcause all the people in Australia and Ireland have to w8 another f***’n week!


  • jizza

    jezzie wezzie where da fez maps in AUS? F****N waintin for ova a week :alien: :pirate:


    ive heard from intellecual sources that the map pack comes out for the rest of us “no goodnicks” 2mozza

  • Gamlekuk

    How did you get it man? Im rom Norway as well, but it doesnt turn up in my playstation store?

  • DR.SEX

    if i dont get the map pack today im gonna go out and rape some lil boys

  • LeisureSuit

    lil boys????… u Wacko Jacko!

  • Kyal

    Is it out yet or what, this is ridiculous ??

  • Flippen_x

    It´s still not in sweden, anybody know when it´s realesed????? Im getting F*cking tired of this S*it now…. it´s not even in the ps3 store yet :cwy: :angry: 🙁

  • cod waw

    noo, i know i also from sweden still not in pss

  • cod waw

    it is in the playstation store now but another problem visa card

  • I can’t download map pack 1 it keeps getting stuck at 40% and im not paying for it again.

  • Devil

    if you download the map pack on 2 differnt ps3’s using the same account, can they both play online at the same time?

    • I would say no as it would check who the maps belong to

  • Melle

    Jag är från sverige och det har kommit nu

  • Annoymous

    My little brother installed the map pack and it kept comming up errors, (it on Ps3) can anybody help me/him out????

  • The PC Gamer

    When are they gonna release it for the PC this is such bullshit i only keep the game becuase of the damn zombies now i wanna play it this is complete bull man someone tell those sons of bitches that they need to get this shit out fast for the PC

  • penis

    :pirate: :wub: 😉 :whistle: :wassat: :unsure: :w00t: :unsure: :tongue: 🙂 :sleeping: :sleeping: :sick: :sideways: :ninja: :pinch: :pouty: 🙁 :shocked: :sick: :sideways: :silly: :sleeping: 🙂 :tongue: me penisssssssss :tongue: 🙂 :sleeping: :silly: :alien: :angel: :angry: :blink: :blush: :cheerful: 😎 :cwy: :devil: :dizzy: :ermm: :face: :getlost: :biggrin: :happy: :heart: :kissing: 😆

  • Gavalar

    have you still got the problem i have had it for adges?

  • Gavalar

    :silly: :silly: :sleeping:

  • meme

    Me and my friend downloaded this made an Us account and downloaded this pack, we installed the map pack but the maps arent there HOW THE F*KC do we fix this problem !! WE WANT ZOMBIE and it sucks that 10.83 is gone to waste

  • Darren

    Can any one tell me when this map pack is coming out, and it it is out how do i get it for the ps3. It is already September and NOTHING

  • Darren

    In south Africa

  • josh

    Ya daren also in S.A hey , shucks i want this map pack, some of my friends have got it but the one oke is being tight lipped about it …SHUCKS I WANT THE MAP PACK!!!!! :devil:

    • Luke

      why can i not even see the map pack on the PSS ???

  • Darren

    I have got the same problem :cwy:

  • Darren

    does any one know when the map pack1 or 2 or 3 is coming out in South Africa on PS3 :unsure: :ermm:

    • Eveshen

      I also have had no luck………….plz let me know if anything comes up

  • Jim

    can i get rid of map packs on cod 4????? please, i need help

    • Just go to your memory settings on the console and delete the map packs from there

  • Darren

    sure will Eveshen I want it just as badly as u :cwy: 🙁 😆

  • Flizzle Fer Rizzle

    The map packs are region specific. Will not work in all continents.

  • normal

    I Cant find map pack 1 or 2 or3 at the playstation store could iget help of how to download the map packs?

  • lucky

    luckily I have The map packs map pack3 on feb11 2010 1 at feb18 2 at feb 20 and if anybody nedds help comment here

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