Watch the Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer reveal right here!

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Say what you like about Call of Duty, but one thing it does know how to get right, is multiplayer. It’s a side of the game that is arguably far more important than the single-player campaign itself, and is pretty much responsible for online shoot ’em ups as we know it today. Call of Duty Ghosts will see Treyarch [STOP] [Ed interrupt] Treyarch? Seriously? we need a video of 50 push ups tomorrow for this one.. Ghosts is the return on Infinity Ward not Treyarch.. push ups I tell you [Ed out]

return to the online arena this year with their particular brand of multiplayer. And you can watch it all unfurl, right here.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is out on November 5 on several platforms, so remember, remember to um, pre-order or something. What did you think of that reveal? Too much of the same, or comfortably familiar?

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