Call of Duty: World at War Map Packs Delayed – For some PS3 fans

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A few days ago I noticed that an old story about the Call of Duty: World at War map pack was suddenly receiving a huge amount of hits.

A lot of the visitors were leaving comments asking when the Map Pack 1 would become available and I just presumed the PSN store was slow in updating as all the visitors were coming from outside of the States and mainly from the EU and Australia.

Well I shot of an email to Treyarch (the developers) but unfortunately it’s the weekend and I haven’t received a response yet so here is what I have been able to piece together from some research on the Internet.

1. The Map Pack 1 is out and available for most people

2. To find it you must go to [Add Ons] -> [Disc-Based Games] -> it’s the 6th one down.

3. If you live in Australia the maps have been delayed by a week, I can’t find any reason for this. Same story for Ireland.

4. Don’t download the US one as it is also apparently region locked.

Okay that’s it, if I find any more information or some official comment I will let you know.

Last Updated: March 22, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • bokka1

    It seems that the Xbox maps are region blocked here in SA.

  • Rian

    thx im in ireland and was wondering why it was delayed

  • smok tha weed

    people in eu exept uk have to wait probably until thursday
    the cod5 map pack is 1 week relax it will be in ps3 store in 4 days

  • joe

    im in australia and nuthing yet, thanks this saved me hours of looking

  • andreas

    thnx m8. im in sweden and nothing yet

  • Xma-Ninja

    Hmm… This is a right pain aye.
    My mate who has an xbox 360 has been playing it all weekend :angry:
    Hopefully it’ll be out in Australia on Thursday 24th.
    Been playing all the veteran levels again while I’ve been waiting haha :ninja:
    The download sever is going to be completly full when they release it tho..


    come on already would it hurt if u just put the freakin pack out now geez :angry:

  • gw

    this is ull shit, I whant it on my ps3 now!! :angry: :angry:

  • mrobi

    ok.. it is thursday the 26th march, where are the map pack 1 hiding :blush:

  • jozef

    the map pack is gonna be udate from to ps3 stores across the eu around 10 am usa time when america wake up so it will be around 17_19 eu time its shit i know but i hope it will be like this otherwise i dont know maybe in a month time it looks like treyarch doesnt give a damm about ps3 console users in eu

  • jozef

    the releasing time 19th of march for codwaw was in uk at 18:00



  • jozef

    1 good tip add your founds to your wallet now because the store will be to busy later it wont let u add later it will give u error each time



  • jozef

    mapaviable,call of duty map pack 1 finallly in eu ps3 is aviable i am downloading it 76%

  • anthony

    hi..i am living in singapore..the map doesnt appear at my playstation store..

    can anyone help me?

  • modernaladdin

    It’s not yet launched in PSN for region 2. When they are going to release it?

  • Anthony W.

    I live in Asia, China, and theres no Map pack yet.. And The store is different, it doesnt have”Disc Based Games”
    Like,it’s suppose to be:
    Game Add-ons
    Disc Based Games (Not there..)


    ps plz help, i think it’s messed up.. :angry:

  • Khalid

    when will the American work :pinch:

  • bob

    i downloaded map pack 1 but i didnt get all the maps i only got the zombie map and stations i didnt get nightfire or knee deep 4 the multiplayer option help me plz??

  • orutb

    hi i live in south africa and we dont have map pack 1 even they said map pack 2 is released but its not on the store

    can anyone help me plz

  • Hi i also live in south africa they say map pack has been released and i havn’ even yet got map pack 1 I can’t seem 2 find disc-based game
    Help Help

  • the only thing I have on cod5 is a sneak preview :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

  • On the Xbox 360 the map packs are blocked as we don’t have official Live support. On the PSN they just don’t seem to be appearing and we are not being told why.

  • Annalie Nel

    the only thing I have on cod5 is a sneak preview

  • lee

    still waiting to find the map packs on PSN for south africa!!!

    why do I feel excluded? *heh*

    also don’t seem to find this “Addons – Disc Based Games” feature…

    anyone have an update for south africa?

  • reznov468


  • reznov468

    i have map pak and i just downloaded it strait off psn and it only took 3 seconds

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