Capcom can’t afford to make Street Fighter V

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Japanese publisher and developer Capcom has been in a financial pickle for quite some time now. According to reports, this year has been Capcom’s least profitable since 2006 – and the publisher now has just over $150 million in its coffers. sounds like a lot of money to you and me, but it’s not a lot at all for what’s supposed to be a AAA game publisher. And Capcom’s lack of cash is affecting its ability to make games.

When asked by a fan about the possibility of Ultra Street Fighter IV being ported to the PlayStation 4, Capcom’s overworked Street Fighter boss Yoshinoro Ono replied:

And it’s not even just a lack of cash that has Capcom resources at a low; its human capital has recently been downsized, with Capcom Europe being cut in half. so, without the resources to even port USFIV to the PS4, the chances of an all-new game are even slimmer.

Every time there’s a new generation of consoles, we see once huge publishers and developers shutting their doors. As terrible as they’ve been of late with misappropriated licences, DLC and corporate policies, I would most certainly shed a tear if Capcom were close in this impending hardware generation.


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